Sunday, April 21, 2013

6 Days

6 days since I last posted to this blog

6 days since I was last threatened by Mr. A

6 days since I told him where he could shove his threats

6 days since I have been the sickest I have been in my entire adult life

6 days since the Boston Marathon

6 days of wondering why, being sad, wondering what if and PRAYING HARD

6 days of completely throwing my diet and exercise routine out the window in the name of feeling like shit, being depressed, not having any energy AT ALL and laziness

6 days and tomorrow will be 7

I haven't spoken to Mr. A

I imagine I will though, inevitably, tomorrow

I can only hope he is on the high side of his bi-polar emotional roller coaster and doesn't feel the need to threaten me when I tell him he needs to come here again on Monday (he had said he wouldn't last time I spoke with him)

I am finally FINALLY getting better

  • My laryngitis comes and goes
  • My sore throat no longer feels like jagged glass scraping the skin every time I swallow or speak
  • My stomach aches have subsided mostly, even though I am still spending much more time in the bathroom than normal
  • Today was the first day in 6 that I woke up WITHOUT a headache
  • The electric shocks that felt like labor contractions in my two smaller toes on my left foot that I self diagnosed as a Morton's Neuroma now only SHOCK ME once or twice a day. They are no longer a timed succession of pain. Thank God in heaven.
  • I am still tired, lethargic. I still have heaviness in my chest and feel a bit stiff, like I went from 28 years old to 50 overnight. Perhaps it is lack of exercise.
I am relieved that one Boston bomber is dead and that the other is in custody. I am deeply concerned for this country however, it's citizens and the people who appear from within to destroy us. It scares me. A lot. 

And I am giving myself one more rest day to completely resurrect my strength and mental stability before I start this thing again on Monday. I'm not going to go overboard or binge tomorrow. But the exercise will begin again on Monday and the calorie restriction and journaling as well. 

Sorry I haven't been present, but it wasn't just on the blog. Even in real life I have been in space. Thank God I am physically on the mend and Thank God that He is good and gives me peace of mind and heart when I need it most.

Peace of Mind and Heart to you all who need it too

I started a new FB page. It is of a conservative political nature to vent my frustrations about the ONCE UPON A DREAM great nation I lived in. If anyone would like to 'Like it'. The link is below. If you do not like it, do not agree with me or it just isn't your cup of tea, free feel to pass right along. 


  1. Sorry you've been feeling so crap lately, I feel a bit like that today (headspace) all just a bit hard for now. Hopefully you bounce back soon :)

  2. Hi! I just popped in to see what happened--because Blogger says that you haven't posted for the past 5 weeks. I was going to try to encourage you to keep blogging--but you have been! I see that now as I am here. So ignore that idea, and perhaps you should figure out why I don't see your new blog posts, because if I don't see them pop up then other people don't see them either.

    In any case, glad to see you are still around. Sounds like a really tough year for you. 2010 was the demon year for me. But we persist, right? :D

    :-) Marion


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