Monday, April 1, 2013

A Post In Sour Fragments

I started again today 

I needed a fresh start

No 'In Real Life' outside input

And I feel renewed and did very well today

4 meals (breakfast, early afternoon and later afternoon lunch and dinner) totaling just at 1700 cals with no snacks

I did two Zumba DVDs

That felt good

I also did 50 semi vertical pushups

And 50 deep squats


I am changing my weigh ins to Monday now

So be expecting the Weigh In, Progress Photos and Measurements posts on Mondays instead of Tuesdays

None this week though

As I said, I am resetting

Easter was good

Except Sassy couldn't really do anything but watch the other kids have fun

Poor thing was miserable

She has acute bronchitis

My sicky Princess

She ended up in the emergency room on Saturday night

She couldn't breathe lying down and was having a hard time even sitting up

And she had a fever for two days straight

Now Breezy must have caught the virus that caused the bronchitis

She is coughing like crazy now also

So, as one attempts to get better, the other is just now starting the suffering process

It kills me to watch them suffer

We have been all three sleeping on our sleeper sofa

So I can literally be at their side in an instant's notice

But I am more than ready for them to be well

It has been 4 nights on that sleeper sofa

And I'm done

I'm sure they are too

Although they seem to like it

And even appear comfortable when they can actually sleep

Now with Breezy getting sick too, though I am afraid we probably have another 4 or 5 days of this

I want to stamp my foot and throw a tantrum

No more coughing so hard they choke and throw up!

No more waking 12 times during the night because of this!

No more forcing them to take doctor prescribed medicine that tastes like butt, yet allows them to sleep (a little) better

No more sleeping sitting up

No more sleeper sofa!

I'm ready for my bed again

On another sour note our dishwasher broke

The repairman came and fixed it

Gave it a 50/50 chance of survival

It washed one last load and promptly died

Now we must wait eons to have a dishwasher and in the mean time must hand wash every flippin dish

I know, I know FWP

And on the last sour note, we have ants

Not cute tiny little ants that invade your sugar bowl and carry away your picnic food like in Disney cartoons

No we have behemoth Carpenter ants who could carry away our cats

And many many many of them

In an hour we have killed as many as 17

And we do not know where they are coming from

Tomorrow the bug dude comes and he's gonna kills the motherf---suckers

Hard part is shuffling the cats around, the children around, making sure it's all dry before we come back  and of course resituating our house after everything has been moved


Must go to sleep

Tomorrow will come too soon


  1. aww you have beautiful girls there!! Hope Breezy is on the mend soon and yay for the new vigor, can feel it in your words :)

  2. EEK! Sorry for the sickies! It's been the same here but our Doc SUCKS. Long story -- will be on my blog if I can find the energy to write! Anyways, carpenter ants... NOT GOOD. They are not only annoying, but super destructive. I sure sure hope they are only the scouts and not the regulars. Boric acid powder will work wonders, but you have to know where the main nest is. Sprays only work for a short period of time. If you find the nest and entry, the boric acid powder is the stuff to use. It's generally sold in Home Improvement stores as Roach killer. But if you look at the ingredients, the main ingredient is the boric acid. And if it will kill roaches, well, it will kill ANYTHING. NO JOKE. We had an issue with them and it turns out they were literally eating through a section of our wall. We took out a portion and then drilled a few holes and squirted the powder in. We've not seen them since and that was like, 2yrs. ago. Now, if we could only get rid of the flippin' stink bugs!!!!


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