Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Checkin In

Children fed, Zumba done, stretching done, Greek yogurt and coffee in, drano unclogging shower . . . I don't really have much else that I have to do today but I should do laundry and then I MUST GET IN AT LEAST 2K MORE WORDS IN MY MS (manuscript). MUST. MUST. MUST.

What are your plans for this beautiful Tuesday?


  1. I've fed my baby, had a coffee, put a load of washing on ... and that's all I have planned for today ... I'm sick, so just feel like crawling under a blanket and going to sleep :( Hope your beautiful Tuesday is a good one ;)

  2. Sometimes our days just cover the basics- and that's okay! Hope your Wednesday is going well!


  3. yoo hooo Where is you? Did you do the 2k more words?


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