Friday, April 5, 2013

I'll Read the Directions, You Screw Stuff

The title of this post is courtesy of my sister. I hope you don't mind me writing about you because that is what I am going to do NOW. 

Yesterday she bought a new bookshelf for her library. And when I say library, I MEAN library. The girl has more books than the ACTUAL library. 

Visual Aids

This is one corner of her room
The books filled the entire floor
This is the overflow out of her room into the hallway
So, because I am a handy kind of gal (not really but let's just go with that) my sister beckoned me to help her build her new book case because her other bookcases were creaking with the weight of her books and the books on the floor made her look like a hoarder. Just admit it. You looked like a hoarder my dear sister. 

Upon opening the parts of the bookcase from Ikea, I asked her if she would like me to read the directions (after she falsely assumed there were no directions and dared me to find, which I did!) and she could put the thing together. And thus my title was born.



(Because everything I write about is pressing)
As if you didn't know . . .

The bloggers listen below under certain categories are not the only bloggers that belong there. They just happen to be the first ones to occur to me in the moment I wrote this out

I spend a lot of time reading the blogs in the blogosphere. Healthy Eating blogs, Fitness blogs, Weight Loss blogs, Mommy blogs, Pregnancy blogs, Foodie blogs, Fashion blogs ... and well, you get the point. I read a lot of blogs. Some people I read because I enjoy their voice and I feel like if I knew them in real life we would get along a-mazingly (and they make me choke on my diet soda and snort involuntarily as tears roll down my cheeks because they're so funny) 


I don't keep a list or anything really - oh wait, yes I do.

There are others I read because I like their story.

Runs for Cookies, Mama Laughlin, Poonapalooza, Petite Athleat ... this list is actually quite extensive and would take me forever to write out and link - so I won't ...

And yet others I read because I want them to succeed, I want their fashion sense, I envy their impeccable parenting skills, their insane fitness ability and/or I want to be able to eat everything they make


Yet still there are other blogs that I read because, well just because I hope that one day things will change for them ... and every time I visit their blogs I hope that will be the day it has changed.

That being said, and on a different topic leading back into this one. Before my children I used to work primarily in offices. I've worked for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, doctors offices and even rehab facilities as an admin assistant, executive assistant or some kind of 'assistant' to the 'big guys'. In the office atmosphere especially when it is dominated by female employees there are what people call 'office politics' aka DRAMA. I put up with plenty of drama during my working days. I admit, I even used to like it. It made mundane days a little bit more exciting. But I can say I'm honestly not that into it anymore. There is something (for me) about becoming a mom that has calmed my inner feline who feels the need to sharpen her claws and rip someone's head off all the time.  

Yet, I have been reading blogs lately and I realize the DRAMA isn't gone. I thought when I left the catty world of clerical and administrative assisting that I would be free of the DRAMA. But it is everywhere.  I.JUST.CAN'T.ESCAPE.IT. I had to delete a few blogs because of it, and I know there are still some blogs hiding in my que that I can't find to delete. 

Now personal drama is one thing. But to bring drama to the interwebs about other people on the interwebs about what someone else on the interwebs said on a social network that isn't even a blog and how it offended you and you can't believe she thinks that way or posted that thought or commented in that tone or blah blah blah ... really people? 


I'd actually like to argue the point that apparently not all of us are rational, civil, mature and adult bloggers at all- as much as I would like to say that we are. It just isn't so, which has shocked me. It really shouldn't shock me. But it does. I am shocked by the blatant rudeness, the callous comments, the personal attacks, the snide 'behind her back' mentality of posting posts and comments alike. It is just all wrong. 

I suppose some may argue that in complaining about the interwebs drama, I am creating MORE drama but I am not calling out names and I am not 'talking behind anyone's back' as if they don't exist. I am simply venting about the silliness I have read as of late . . . and with that, moving on.

Sassy and Breezy are still sick. Damn bronchitis has kicked my girlies little butts. It really sucks. Sassy has been having an especially rough day and has been over the top emotional with temper tantrums, and crying fits. It is very sad to watch, especially when she tells me she 'just wants me to be happy' which usually follows the end of my patience when I send her to her room or tell her that if she continues to cry needlessly without talking like a big girl then that tells me she's tired and needs to go to bed early. OR she's 'sorry for what she did' when she didn't do anything except stand there and cry. I try to explain that I just want her to stop crying and 'talk to mama', but that usually only makes her cry harder. 


This was my super yummy nummy lunch I had today. 580 calories of filling satisfaction! Heart of romaine, chicken, black beans, corn, red and green peppers, TBSP tortilla chips, 2TBSP low cal southwest dressing and a southwest chicken panini... MMM

The rest of my day was good calorie wise also. Breakfast was a Smart Ones Pancakes & Turkey Sausage. Dinner was a Smart Ones Waffles with Turkey Sausage but then I scrambled up an egg with 3 extra egg whites and it was super yummy. My snacks for the day were 2 large navel oranges, 3/4 cup sweet and salty popcorn from Costco and a 90 Calorie Fiber One Brownie. Total calories was 1575.

Aside from revamping my entire apartment, I have been doing back to back Zumba DVDs and yesterday was my second day doing squats and semi vertical pushups. I only did 20 squats because my thighs were still really tight from the day I did 50. But today, amazingly enough my thighs seem to be better, so tomorrow I may do 20 more. It might be better to do less and be able to do them every other day and not more and have to squat every third day. What do you think? I did manage 50 more semi-vertical pushups though. My chest and armpits are KILLING me. 

On the Mr. A front, he has been non comunicato again. Sometimes I feel blessed that he doesn't feel the need to stalk, taunt, threaten or berate me and other times I wonder what he's doing that I should know about - like if he's going to make good on getting a lawyer or if he has decided to move back to Mexico (I can only pray that someday he will make this decision) Don't judge me for hoping that. If you want an entire post on WHY I hope he goes back someday then I will write that but until I do, don't judge. It isn't ill will or bitterness that makes me feel that way. 

And lastly ...

Lastly, I will leave you with this.


  1. Darn it! I miss all the drama! Although I am sure that it was pretty bad when you are the second blog mentioning online drama lately.

    I hope the girls feel better soon! My boys do that cry thing too without talking. It does get overwhelming.

  2. I heart you, woman! Can you just move into my house so you can kick me in the butt every single day and remind me to be me? Thank you, love!

    I also have my real estate license and have sold in and with the "big guys." I left the industry for that reason (although I was extremely success)... DRA-MA! Couldn't hack it. Everyone was always throwing everyone under the bus, fighting over commissions, and talking HORRIBLY behind eachother's back. I knew it was a matter of time as soon as I started to tear the curtains back...



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