Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quantum Leap - I'm sicker than Emma

Holy hell it has been a LOOOONG few days. And not the kind of long days where you are tapping your wrist watch as the second hand seems to take an entire 500 extra seconds to complete one rotation. No, my days were long in the sense that so much happened on each day that I felt like I lived 3 or 4 days within 1 twenty four hour period. It has been ROUGH.

Number one I have been sick. Like, 'starting with a scratchy throat, watery eyes thinking it was just allergies' kinda sick and it has slowly progressed to 'full on, head in a death vice, glass in the eyes and  throat, fever with chills, hacking up a lung and spitting it out in the sink every 10 seconds' kind of sick. Fun times yo!

So, I am sitting here having eaten around 1300 calories for the day, most of it consisting of hot liquids and saltine crackers. I think I am going to roast up some zucchini, yellow squash, onions, carrots, garlic and peppers for my dinner. Highly nutritious, highly delicious and super duper low in calories. I don't use oil. I use a Pampered Chef <-- oops DeMarle silpat, spray the veggies with Pam and then sprinkle with seasonings. Bake and consume. Muahhh DELICIOSO - that is, if I can taste them.

On a side note, Emma seems to be doing much better. She went into full on convulsions, lip licking, no drinking or eating and so she was rushed to the emergency vet twice and with some anti-nausea meds, some gas-x and a lot of TLC she seems to be (slowly) coming around. Thank God. I love my little Emsy.

Now, I must go prep my veggies, pray I won't cough or sneeze on them so my children can partake as well and then close my eyes while the food cooks. I'm so tired.

Ciao peoples

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  1. Awww poor Emma!! You were right in thinking something was wrong with her initially. Momma always knows! ;) ... I love roasted veges like that too! I put cajun fries sprinkle on mine (recipe on my site) to give a low cal kick ... delish! Would love to hear what you put on yours (always in for some new ideas) Hope you're better soon chick! Sucks being sick! :(


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