Friday, April 26, 2013

Short Update

I go through mental stages of this weight loss process
I go hardcore and think about nothing else
I find my happy place and stay there a bit
I get a little bored and dabble in some writing to de-stress
(For those of you who don't know, I'm an author)
I find myself engulfed in a new plot I have come up with
And find myself sitting for ages (maybe ten-fifteen minute spurts) staring out the window watching the movie of my book in the space between my eyes and what they don't quite reach to see
Being engulfed in my books can be good
I forget to eat
But being engulfed in my books can be bad
I forget to eat
Then I become ravenous
And I eat A LOT
And for some psychological reason that I am not privy to, the eating only widens my lens of ideas
The cycle continues
Eventually I become blocked on the storyline or the climax or how to end the damn thing
(I only have maybe 50-60 unfinished manuscripts just waiting for their middle, their climax, their end or just to be edited)
And I am easily distracted by the weight loss blogs
The success of others
And I become motivated once again to work out
To eat right
To be super healthy
And I go hardcore thinking about nothing else ...

See how that ties a nice neat circle
And it is really really tough to break

Why? Because when I am on a writing stint, I literally cannot focus on anything else - barring my children. Their needs come first and then I write and when they need/want something else it is provided and then I write. I'm almost like a mad scientist who has to get her ideas onto paper before they vanish POOF into thin air, unraveled and never to be found in that exact pattern of words and verbiage ever again. Believe me, I've tried. When a good idea presents itself, it must be written or it will be lost.

So, here I am.
I am in the engulfed stage of writing.
I am forcing myself to blog. Train of thought.
I have been forcing myself to Zumba.
My eating has been suffering astronomically.
I have no idea what the scale says.
I'm sure it isn't pretty.
But here I am.

Otherwise content. The cycle will continue and maybe the damage will not be so severe. I don't want to stop writing. I really don't. I have this amazing story going right now.

So I will continue to force myself to Zumba
If nothing else I am working my heart
And I will see if I can get on here more than every 5 days or so...

Otherwise, I will be quietly tapping away at the keys of my computer, weaving words into magic like I have always wanted to do


  1. Schedule the healthy eating and the exercise into your day. Just like you would schedule and set a word count goal when you are struggling with writing. Yes, I've been there on BOTH ends. :-) Let the natural cycle progress...but just don't let one or the other slip away during the downward stages! You've got this.

    As for a gazillion unfinished manuscripts......have you been peeking into my file folders.....they seem to multiply! :-)

  2. I think this is normal, it's a process. I find it good when my eating and exercise become habitual where I don't have to put so much mental energy into what I'm doing.


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