Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who the Hell Smashed My Face In??

My little chicklets are finally (FINALLY) getting over their explosive coughing fits that keep me up wondering if they're going to spit out pieces of lung bronchitis.

They still slept stayed awake way too late watching Freaky Freakend on Disney spent the night on the couch in a propped and upright position due to the crap monsters in their chest residual phlegm but this time mommy dearest (moi) did not join them.

Instead, I slept in MY BED. My heavenly, glorious, horizontal bed. It was ecstasy. Until I woke up . . .

And I swear that as I slept someone brought a sledgehammer into my room and smashed it into my face. Upon waking (at 11:30am HOLY HELL) my mom said I looked like I had a stroke. The entire left side of my face was swollen, congested and red! I wondered if I had indeed had a stroke but attempted lifting both arms and then one at a time, I can speak perfectly well (although I guess that is up for debate - haha) and now, 6ish hours later the swelling and redness have gone away. The congestion however has taken resident in the very highest regions of my nasal cavity and I am NOT pleased.

Emma, our kitty, is sick again. She goes through spurts of being 'normal' and then she becomes lethargic and withdrawn and sleeps a lot and doesn't go potty and eats but doesn't drink so we have to drown her her food in water to keep her hydrated. The first time this happened she was diagnosed with FIP (a deadly and 100% fatal disease cats get) but the doc said she would increasingly get worse and then just die. Well, she got better! Then subsequently came down with the same symptoms again only this time they thought it was a bowel obstruction. They pumped her full of laxatives and ran dye through her digestive tract only to find flatulence (FARTS) She had a wet, yellow butt with explosive diarrhea for weeks. It was awful, but she also GOT BETTER! Now, a couple months later, she is down again. Doesn't walk more than several steps without laying down, wants to be stretched out as far as possible, meows pitifully when we pick her up, eats wet food like it's going out of style but won't touch her water. It is a very sad, frustrating little circle we keep running. So, pray for our little Emma Kitten and that she gets better without any invasive medical procedures this time because financially we are kinda tapped. Don't get me wrong, if she NEEDED something we would do it in a heartbeat but she seems to always be the drama queen, like she's at death's door just to later find out she had to fart. ((sigh))

The new blog design is essentially done. All hooked up to the web of social networking sites I am associated with, includes my new bloggy button and much easier to read (in my opinion - TELL ME YOURS)

Tomorrow we are supposed to see Mr. A. After no communication he texted me around 3:30 and simply asked at what time he could see them tomorrow. ((smh)) he just doesn't get this 'whole being a dad thing'. Oh well, at least it gets the girls out of the house and doing something other than playing with the same toys, staring at the same iPad or yelling at me how bored they are.

I am quite anxious for the sun to come back (it is raining torrential floods here right now) so I can take them outside to hunt for giants vampires witches and toads that turn into princes bugs, snakes, and flowers.

Ho hum.

Tomorrow is also weigh in day. Aver que pasa. We'll see what happens.

Until then dears and dearests . . .


  1. Love what you've done with your blog layout. Very smart!

  2. yeow... your congestion sounds just awful...hope you get better soon!


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