Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Simple Thought this Thursday

And I will remember this because it is true
And I am not all the negative things I call myself inside my head

Zumba has been good
I'm getting revitalized
Inspired (for something other than writing)
I'm coming out of my funk
Thank God
And not just 'thank god' 
Because He is the only one who could have brought me out
of 'that place' I was stuck in

And moving forward

A new chart of weight, measurements and BMI has been added to the page of the same name
Photos will return to the Progress Photos page once I am actually past the point of maintaining and actually start progressing again

And as for the rest of life

So Breezy bent her finger back the other day. 
No biggy, it hurt for a while and no swelling or bruising . . . life went on. 
Yesterday she jammed the same finger 
and it immediately swelled at the first knuckle and turned black and blue. 
I took her to urgent care where they x-rayed her finger, 
told me there was nothing wrong with it and sent me home. 
This morning I receive a call from urgent care 
saying after further review her finger IS FRACTURED. 
WTF people?!?!?! 
How was that not obvious yesterday????

No other news really
Everything else is hunky dory peachy keen

Going to eat lunch

Ciao Friends


  1. Hope Breezys finger heals up fast! As for that quote: Spot on! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh no!! I am sorry about your daughter's finger!! I hope it heals fast!! I love the quote you posted, it is so true!!

  3. welcome back! I hope her finger feels better soon!


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