Thursday, May 16, 2013

Follow Up

  • Procedure went well
  • The prep was the worst part (bleck)
  • The IV was the second worst part (only because she put it in my hand instead of my arm like I had hoped. Hand IVs give me the heeby jeebies.
  • The procedure itself was fine
  • Anesthesiologist put something in my IV that he called Margarita and asked me if I drank. I said not in about 5 years and he said that I was about to get drunk for the first time in 5 years off of that 'margarita'. He asked me after about 30 seconds if I was 'feeling it'. I said no. He put the oxygen mask over my face and asked, 'are you feeling it now?' . . . I don't remember answering him.
  • I did feel as the scope exited my bottom which wasn't painful but not comfy either (Dude, wake me up a little later next time - God, I pray there doesn't have to be a next time)
  • Apparently my colon and intestines are BEAUTIMOUS
  • Except I have a cluster of hemorrhoids high in my colon that the gastro doc says were probably thanks to my beautiful babies and the bleeding was just probably some hard stool irritated and/or cut one of them and it bled like a sieve.
  • I woke up well, with only a little disorientation and unsteadiness about 30 minutes post procedure.
  • I am now welcome to go about my life as I like (wheww)

  • Today has been a very good eating day
  • Breakfast was 3 sausage links and a Greek Yogurt with coffee & creamer
  • Lunch was a salad made with shredded lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, red onion, pico de gallo, salsa verde, a stick of string cheese and a couple TBSP of sour cream + 2TBSP of natural coconut peanut butter
  • Dinner will be Mexican food - because we are eating with Mr. A

  • He's back from Mexico
  • He was kind enough to turn my phone back on
  • We are going to dinner with him
  • I will not eat chips and salsa
  • I will order a kids meal (enchilada?)
  • I will not cow-tow to anything he asks/demands
  • And then I will come home and tell you all how I fared with those things I said I would not do

  • Apparently I was put on a list as one of the 100 most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers
  • I don't think I deserve that title
  • Maybe 100 most Inspirational (On how to eff up your) Weight Loss Bloggers?
  • But I was given the badge and so I will use it because it gives me something to strive for (at least)

That's it for now.
Must go straighten my mop of hair and at least attempt to look presentable. 
I just want to go to sleep though. Bah

Until later my people


  1. Glad everything was pretty much okay though! Whew!


  2. yeah for answers! I am glad that you are past that and life moves on. I hope your dinner out is a good one!


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