Friday, May 17, 2013


Before the dump I must pose a question.

Is it wrong and highly paranoid of me that every time my ex goes to Mexico and he brings back his mom's homemade tamales (which have always been super delicious) that I worry that they are laced with something highly poisonous in an attempt to rid me from the planet? Because I do. Every time. I wonder if he would ever do that. If she would ever do that. And then I eat them anyway. And if I am so paranoid about them poisoning me, what does that make me if I eat them anyway? Certainly not a masochist and DEFINITELY NOT suicidal by any means. Too trusting? Sufficiently trusting? I don't know, but thought I'd pose the question to the masses. Weigh in on it.

And now for the dump:

Sassy is always entertained and tickled by Breezy
who has can make a joke and keep a straight face with no effort

You know your kid is tired
When she conks out while petting the cat
With her legs dangling off the side and her bum hanging out
(Anyone who knows Sassy knows she would be horrified that her butt is showing)

Breezy's daily mantra - no serious. Her pseudonym is Mama Rainbow Dash
(the Pegasus/unicorn from My Little Pony Tales)

Emms likes to sit like a human

Crazy Cleopatra de Mexico

'Can I haz a Chezburger plz' . . . the new face of

Modern Mexican Marilyn Monroe

Somethin' wrong with that cat - just sayin'

Undercover Country Stahhhhh!

Pierre del Valle - a la chocolat

Mama Rainbow Dash has shape shifted into a naked purple bear in sequins!

Found this coaster that I made when I was in junior high
I was slightly obsessed with the music group Hanson

The MASSIVE JUG OF POOP JUICE I had to drink prior to my colonoscopy
The small bottle on the side is a 10oz bottle of magnesium carbonate

Um . . . No words

And last but not least, a woman celebrating her 75th birthday post celebration drove straight through the window of the restaurant here in my small little town ... ((smh))


  1. Silly! That's not a parking spot! :)


  2. Love the photo dump, you have gorgeous girls!! And love your wacky cat, cute!!

  3. Love the pics! I love her shoes!

  4. ?????? 6 days missy where is you? POST!

  5. ....... starting anew x2? prove it! Git ur booty back here and ZUMBA it! Show me how it is done! Life fer real I am lazy. LOL


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