Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now You See Me . . .

I want to see that movie

So the question I have received in one comment and two e-mails is 'Why have I been absent?'

Well, a shit storm of reasons that would take years to explain in all they're dementedly fun detail and frankly, I'm just not up for it, so here's the gist.

  • First, I have been writing. I have 6 chapters and over 20k words. I'm feeling pretty accomplished and welcome beta readers who are interested in editing ... 


  • Last week I found out my ex husband's nephew was arrested for charges of SODOMY III . . . for those of you who don't know; in Oregon where they live that means an adult over the age of 21 having deviant *oral or anal* sex with a minor under 16. HOLY EFFING HELL!
  • Lase week I found out my ex husband's nephew is being held by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) somewhere because yes, my ex nephew is here illegally. YES, I reported it many times. NO, they did nothing until he committed a class C felony.
  • Last week I found out that all of this took place in the beginning of January which means my ex husband had been keeping this information from me for 3 months ...
  • I debated having words with him but decided silence was golden

  • Then, as if that isn't enough, I got my period on the 1st of May. No biggy right? That happens every months.
  • Well, then I started bleeding rectally (fun times huh?) and didn't realize it until my period went brown and the bright red blood was still flowing from the back side.
  • The thing is, that it wasn't like a spot of blood. It was bright red blood and lots of it, in my stool, like I was having a period from my butt. There were even a few times I farted and like a leaking faucet I spared at least a TBSP of blood with each friggin fart
  • That lasted for 4 days (if not longer due to the fact that the rectal blood and menstrual blood could have mixed and I was bleeding days before I realized)
  • Now, I have to have a colonoscopy this coming Wednesday under general anesthesia. Joy for laxatives and strange crap drinks I have to ingest not to mention the fasting... I'm.Just.So.Excited.

  • My ex didn't see the girls this Monday. He was invited and given every opportunity, but like the immature little boy he is, he chose not to come because he didn't want to be at MY house.
  • I might have had a change of heart if he hadn't withheld the information about his sexually deviant nephew who had kinky sex with a girl under 16 getting arrested. But he did withhold the information and now he just can't be trusted ... not that I ever really trusted him anyway, but even less and to a much more severe degree now. 
  • Yesterday he texted me randomly asking for a dress, a pair of pants and a shirt from my daughters. YES, FROM. I told him no, if he wanted to buy or have clothes made for them he knew their sizes. The whole thing weirded me out.
  • He told me he was coming by to visit them today and I asked him why it was okay to visit them today at my house but not Monday. He said forget it and dropped the subject.
  • He turned off my phone so now I have no phone
  • And today he left for Mexico. He did not call to say goodbye to his daughters . . . oh wait, that's because he turned off my phone. ((sigh))
  • He's such a gem of a dad.


  1. Wowwwwwwwie what a update! I am glad that your getting in to get that loverly test but I am surprised they are waiting so long. I thought that was a serious thing. Well your momma instint was right not to allow them in the house that time he came over with them. And really the no phone thing and the Mexico is a blessing. He cannot rant and rave and threaten you now. Radio Silence. :) Feel better and I hope your test goes well.

  2. First time visitor here. I came by way of Bonita Gordita. Wow, what an update. I'm so glad you are making progress on your second novel, but I'm sorry you are having ongoing problems with your ex. Divorce is no fun, especially when you have young children that deserve/want visits with both of their parents. I'm kind of in the same boat -- getting divorced and trying to lose weight.

    Hang in there.


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