Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Don't Want to be One of Those Bloggers and Fat Girl Problems

I am not a fan of bloggers who shamelessly promote every product from any company that offers them some kind of compensation and I promise you as my readers that I will never PROMOTE a product I don't believe works. However, I will REVIEW products and let you know the ABC and XYZ of whether they do or don't work, what their side effects are and how they affect me and my body.

I will be honest to a fault. No BS. If I love something and it's working for me I will tell you and if it sucks, I'll tell you that too.

So, as I mentioned before a representative from Weight Loss Supplements by Trusted Nutrients contacted me about trying some extracts for weight loss, fat blocking, metabolism boosting and appetite suppressing.

Today was the first day I used them and I have used them as instructed. One capsule 30 minutes before a meal 2x a day.

These are what the capsules look like. They're kinda huge and I generally am not a huge fan of huge pills because I have an awful reflex. The bright side is that the capsule is virtually tasteless, made of vegetable cellulose and when mixed with a big ol' mouthful of water goes down quite easily. The raspberry ketones actually smell really good too.

The left is the Saffron Extract. The white is the Raspberry Ketones. The next is the Green Coffee Bean Extract and the far right is the Cambogia Garcinia. Aside from the pleasant smell of the Raspberry ketones, as I said there is virtually no taste or smell to any of them.

A photo to show how big they actually are. Horse pill, right? Yeah.

So, it is after dinner time and so far I have had minimal gastro issues that I wouldn't have on a normal basis. I have felt a little gassy. Like, I could feel the bubbles moving around in there. And I have been VERY regular to the point of needing to find a bathroom NOW. This is new, and I will associate it with the supplements because (ahem) my stool went from extremely firm yesterday to basically water today. Not sure why unless the supplements are cleaning me out. I will keep you updated on this little experiment of mine.

In other news, I'm excited to lose weight because I encountered a fat girl problem today. I visited JC Penney to pick up Sassy's 5 year birthday pictures and needed to use the little (big) girl's room. So, in I went to the tiny stall because someone else was occupying the larger one and sat down. I immediately felt the cold metal of the garbage can hooked onto the partition jab my hip and the sharp toilet paper cutter dig into my knee. Could they have hung these things any lower or in a more inconvenient position. Never mind my weight. I had to turn nearly in half to throw away my gum. Jeesh! Then of course there is the typical department store toilet paper. You know, the 1 ply that tears into shreds and you can never get enough at one time to wipe away snot let alone a huge bowel movement. (((sigh))) There's my fat girl problem for the day.

Now moving on, it is bed time for my raggamuffins.

I shall return tomorrow if there is anything to report.


*I am not being paid monetarily for this review. I was given a free 30 day trial of the four Trusted Nutrient products in exchange for this review on my blog. All experiences, side effects and results within this review are exclusively mine. These supplements were used in combination with calorie cycling, light cardio activity and emphasis on weight lifting / muscle building. As with all vitamins and supplements, please contact your physician before starting any new product.   

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