Saturday, June 15, 2013


You know who you are and it is most probable that you are just as tired of me as I am of you. So here is a preamble to this post.

I am a Christian woman. I will defend my morals, my values, my beliefs, my God, my Bible and everything that it all stands for unbendingly. You might roll your eyes at some of my typical opinions and you might be surprised at others. You are more than welcome to debate my opinion with me with informed and intelligent information. Telling me that my opinions are based on a fictional book (the Bible) is only showing your true ignorance. I have infallible proof that the Bible is real and could not have been written by anyone else but the men who a superior entity (My God) breathed his words through. PLEASE ASK ME TO PROVE IT. PLEASE! Because you're argument has nothing on mine. But that is only the foundation of my frustrations. *The lack of true religious freedom in this country* and today, right here, right now, I MUST get this off my chest. 

I am SO SICK of what the American people have become. We have become an addicted, enabling, scared, sugar coating, mediocrity celebrating, coddling, ignorant, and brain washed group of idiots. Seriously people! Where did anyone anywhere go who actually has a spine?! Oh, don't get me wrong, I know there are small groups of us out there but we are seriously the minority among all these blithering  BLATHERING buffoons!!

Take something as simple as child discipline for example. In this fine year of 2013 it is almost unheard of to spank your child and if you are one of the parents who do, you don't talk about it except among your small group of like-thinking family and friends. There have been so many rules and laws instilled around us as parents that we are afraid to openly discipline our children and ALL FOR WHAT? So that Billy Bob Joe won't beat his to death?! Guess what? He still will. Abusive people will be abusive regardless of laws that prohibit it and no law telling me I can't spank or flick my child for bad behavior is going to stop him from pulling out the big guns and 'making little Billy fall down the stairs' a few dozen times. MMMkay?

I get that for some people spanking isn't ideal. Many parents can't bring themselves to do it and some children just are not responsive to it. More power to you if your words hold such power 100% of the time that your little heathens angels obey your every command without question. However, too many parents DO NOT KNOW how to discipline their children and their children are literally little heathens. Hey parents, it isn't your children's job to learn good behavior. It is your job to teach it. Parent first. Friend second. TEACH THEM. Just like in the real world, there are REAL PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND MATERIAL consequences to bad behavior, a child should know that with bad behavior come bad consequences. A child should never fear their parents in the real sense of the word FEAR. But there is definitely something to be said for a healthy respect and reverence. Children should feel wary of going against their parent's rules, (and every child should have rules and limits or they will feel very out of control and unsafe) which will trickle into their teenage and adult lives of respecting and revering legal authority regardless of whether they agree or not. When we as humans from childhood through adulthood realize that there are negative consequences following negative behavior we are much better to practice self control and good behaviors.

I will never be scared to discipline my daughters to teach them.(which cannot and should NEVER be confused with abuse)  



And this makes me so very sad.

We live in a society where people believe in saving the animals going extinct but actively support the
murders of human babies in the name of reproductive freedom. Do you know what I have to say to that? NATURAL SELECTION FOR ANIMALS AND YOU HAD THE REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM TO EITHER USE BIRTH CONTROL OR NOT OPEN YOUR LEGS.

In the cases of rape and incest that will inevitably be brought up due to the majority's lack of a REAL argument for the millions of non rape or incest related abortions, I say let it be case by case. Abortion will not ever be eradicated in the same way sin will never be eradicated and those who commit the atrocious acts will suffer the consequences. (See above about consequences and how we are taught *or NOT TAUGHT* to deal with them)

If we were a society who still had morals and values and instilled them into our children from the beginning of life with LOVE and DISCIPLINE (Yes, you'd have to get off your computer or iPhone or tablet for a little while) then perhaps through life many of our children (not all because there are just those rebellious wonders who serve as third party lessons) would make better choices and many abortions wouldn't even be necessary because Sarah Somebody didn't have a need for acceptance and attention. She would already have enough from her parents. She would know her limits and that there are serious consequences to serious actions. She wouldn't need to go looking for it in a strange (older?) man who only wanted to use her and she would never have gotten pregnant in the first place.

Other things I'm tired of hearing about in a tightly wrapped nutshell.

Global warming or climate change - guess what? If it exists do you really think if we can't teach our children the most basic life skills and lessons that we could really reverse it? ((insert chuckle))
Soft core pornography is flippin' everywhere. I'm tired of boobs and butt constantly in my face. Save it for the bedroom people!! Again with those pesky morals and values that sneak right up in your face when you don't have any. Anyone else?

Animal testing. WE AREN'T GORILLAS, CHIMPS, BABOONS OR ORANGUTANS, let alone the mice, rats, dogs, cats and other animals they torture in the name of research. If you offer people money there are surely enough willing guinea pigs out there who would gladly deform themselves and ruin their bodies. Heck, they do it for free every day with insane piercings and tattoos and God knows what else. Why not do willful human testing?

Homosexuality is a particular topic that has me all on fire. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say a man cannot love another man or that a woman cannot love another woman. Nowhere does it define the kind of love we are allowed to feel toward each other AND IT VERY SPECIFICALLY TELLS US THAT WE ARE TO LOVE EACH OTHER.

Mark 12:31
'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

What is DOES say is that we are not to have sexual intercourse with the same gender. IT ALSO SAYS WE ARE NOT TO HAVE SEX OUT OF THE BINDS OF MARRIAGE. IT SAYS NOT TO COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR'S SPOUSE. The Bible says a whole lot of things that we choose to ignore. So, why is it that we pick and choose to judge some people but not others? It is not our place to choose who someone else can love. In the same way it is between a man and woman and God to have sex out of marriage and in the same way that every day men and women cheat on their spouses it is for God to judge. NOT US. 

Love your neighbor does not have conditions. If Jesus tells us to be like Him and He spent His time with murderers and rapists and the worst of the worst sinners AND HE LOVED THEM, then who are we to judge and point fingers and condemn? We have EVERY RIGHT to disagree and EVERY RIGHT to decide that their way of life is not our way of life but we are not to condemn them. That IS NOT OUR JOB and by doing so is telling God that you are equal to Him. NEWS FLASH. You're not.

And with that I am deflated. 

Just so tired of people thinking they're sitting up there on their high horse when in reality their saddle has slipped upside down and in reality they're just clinging on down there between the horse's legs, no better than anyone but casting stones and judging people like they're something special. 


  1. Oh Lordy. Seems like we were pretty much hatched from the same egg! Deep breath my friend -- we can't change the world, but we can change our ways of dealing with people and move through. ((hugs))

  2. You are obsessed by the failings of the current Lamest Generation. They being light years away from the Greatest Generation. You describe them, their habits and laziness correctly however, you out do yourself. One cannot project the poor qualities of those who are doomed to fail, who are stupid enough to vote for Obama twice, or prefer to live a hand out on the dole government subsidy existence onto the rest of the population. If you are one of the lamest generation, you cant complain - you are the problem. If you are a responsible, ambitious, educated professional, who holds down a job and provides for a family then you can vent periodically - My trophies were hard won as were my military service medals and ribbons. Your observations are of a very sick segment of the population - not the entire USA.


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