Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing with Myself

Okay first, ya'll are a bunch of perverts if my title was what got you to start reading. Then again, I suppose that was on purpose ((wink wink))

Anyway, I am not going to be talking about playing with myself LIKE THAT. I am going to tell you about an interesting psychological game I have come up with to make me stick fairly close to the calories I need to ingest instead of having super bad days followed by good days and more bad ones.

Let me tell you, until you can wrap your mind around the fact that this is for health and SKINNY will feel so much better than any food tastes, the psychological games and tricking yourself (at least for me) into doing what you need to be doing is what it is all about.

I'll start out by saying that according to Myfitnesspal I am supposed to be eating 1720 calories a day in order to lose approximately 2lbs a week with virtually no exercise included into that calorie mount.

So, here's what I did that put me at an average of only 77 calories a day over what I should be eating. That is like eating a Fiber One Brownie OR 1/3 cup of orange sherbet OR a mini scone extra every day. Not bad considering I was averaging 2050 calories a day or more before. I'm still working on my technique and perfecting it.

So, I had one slip up which was Friday because we went to see Tim Hawkins as I mentioned we were going to do. I didn't anticipate the hors d'oeuvres that would be plentiful and I wasn't prepared for self control. (I know, always be prepared) So, since I had eaten my allotted calories except for a few I decided to put the calories I ate at the show on my next days calorie intake list adding up to something like 300 calories before the day even started.

And so I began my Saturday with a 300 calorie negative. I then would consume up to about 1800 calories including the 300 from the day before and the extra 80 calories I would tack on to the next day. This continued every day until yesterday where I ate significantly less just because I generally do on Mondays and then today I ate right back up at 1628 calories thus averaging out the ebb and flow of intake to about 1794 calories a day. I'll take it! Considering I have been trying like heck to successfully stay under 2000.

If you have questions or insight to this plan, feel free to ask or comment by the way.

It just seems to be working and I am all for 'working' when I have been lost and struggling for so long.


On the situation with my swelling. My ankles seemed to have returned to normal.


And of course, there was the show we went and saw.

Super blurry and pixelated due to the camera and trying to make it bigger, but you get the idea. 

And now I am off to read. Totally enthralled in the Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare and then on to the Infernal Devices! Woot!

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  1. I used to follow the 'Wendie Plan' (google it) when I was doing weight watchers and it worked really well for me back then. It's basically following a similar idea of fluctuating intake up and down to trick our body into speeding up metabolism. You obviously wouldn't need to do WW as such but could take the same principle into what you're doing. Glad the ankles have sorted themselves out. Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog, totally hit the nail on the head!!


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