Thursday, June 6, 2013

Swollen like Thanksgiving Turkey

This is a weigh in prequel. Not because I feel I need to justify what tomorrow's weight might be but because I am flabbergasted by my body.

I am going to be 100% honest. My eating wasn't 100% but it wasn't bad either. I could have done better, and I could have done serious damage compared to what I actually ate. I zumba'd all but 1 day and my freaking ankles - err excuse me - cankles looked like this, this morning when I removed my socks. MY CAT IS EVEN OFFENDED BY THEIR MORBID SIZE. (Look at Emma's face ... haha)
But seriously, usually you can see the definition of bone on the outside and the tendons and veins on the top of my foot. THIS MONSTROSITY IS NOT NORMAL AND SUPER PAINFUL. I can feel the water swish over the top of my foot when I walk. IT'S REALLY DISGUSTING!

I just don't understand the water retention and it isn't like one high sodium meal did this because I have been drinking fluids to the point that my urine is crystal clear. I have been avoiding high sodium foods and DUH, I've been exercising. I've tried raising my legs above my heart and I have tried cold compresses. NOTHING MAKES THE SWELLING GO AWAY.


So yesterday I got desperate because not only is water weight bad for weigh in, this super retention is super uncomfortable.

Before my colonoscopy my ankles swelled like this and when I took the magnesium citrate (laxative) I noticed that the next morning my feet weren't swollen at all anymore after having been swollen for weeks. I thought perhaps the same thing might happen this time, but I could not (COULD NOT) bring myself to drink even 1/2 the super salty lemon-lime drink. It brought back horrid memories of the other foul, super sweet, and thick like mucous drink I had to take before the colonoscopy. PLUS, I was reading that even though the magnesium citrate might temporarily pull the retention from my feet, I could ultimately make it worse with the amount of sodium in the drink. So, I drank about 1/4 of it and tossed it. (The photo below is a re-used one for visual purposes. I drank 1/4 of that smaller bottle which I believe is 10oz... so maybe 2.5oz)

My doctor recommended (after I consulted family and such first) that for immediate (but temporary) relief I could try water pills (diuretics) which is currently what I just took my second dose of. So far it has been about 6 hours and there is no improvement and I'm not even peeing much... ((sigh)) perhaps my body has decided it will start to fail to try and kick my ass into gear. That is what I will choose to believe to motivate me toward health anyway. Tomorrow when I post my weigh in, I will post comparison shots of my feet if there is any difference. Hopefully they will have returned to normal ... even if it does require me to get up various times to urinate throughout the night.

And lastly here are my chiquies playing in the glorious sun. They were quite amused by the tan lines that appeared beneath their suits when they came home and got undressed. This will be the first summer I don't completely douse them in sunblock because they both had a reaction to it previously so my tan baby will turn chocolate and my pasty baby will get tan. Yay for sun and vitamin D! It is much needed up here.

PS - Notice the green bandage on Breezy's middle finger. She had her appointment with the orthopedic doctor yesterday. And come to find out, what the original Urgent Care doctor said was NOTHING, and then the radiologist said was a hairline fracture, the orthopedic doctor has diagnoses as an ACTUAL BREAK. She explained that a hairline fracture is a thin black line within the bone. She then showed me Breezy's X-rays and pointed at a thick jagged black line that severed an entire chunk of bone out of her knuckle. YEAH, I'D CALL THAT A BREAK. My goodness, no one (the urgent care doctor or the radiologist) is competent at their jobs anymore.

So, now she has to wear a splint for 4 weeks so that it will heal. The only time she can take the splint off is when her fingers will get wet, like when she is swimming or bathing. Then I have to wrap her little finger (that is huge and swollen and purple) in special water resistant gauze to make sure it still stays straight. ((sigh))


  1. Aww poor poppet little Breezy... hope her finger gets better soon. And the fluid retention is horrible especially with the hot weather. Sorry can't say any further advice other than if you get short of breath (especially when sleeping at night) or if you have any chest heaviness with it, then it will be worth getting it investigated further. Otherwise it could just be the horrible hot weather. 'Cankles' are usually a sign that circulation is not adequate enough to bring the blood back up to the top of the body. Short term happens to everyone ... as long as it doesn't go on long term and is isolated to just your ankles. And don't worry about weighin ... extra fluid doesn't equal extra fat... you're doing great considering the stress you've been under :)

  2. It is sunscreen in general or just that kind? I just saw a link for HM sunscreen on pinterest. Maybe that would be a option? I slather my kids down because I don't want them burnt for two reasons. The pain and having to deal with burns and the uppage of skin cancer risks in the future. Good luck finding something that works with their skin. And that swelling? yikes! I only swell when advanced pregnant so I have no words of wisdom. :( I hope the water pills help though.


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