Thursday, June 6, 2013

Well, Poop

My feet are still swollen.

Like fat, pink sausages

Not pretty

Not comfy

And I am not a happy camper

24 hours worth of water pills and I might have peed an entire 16oz


Especially since I've drank AT LEAST a gallon of liquids in the last 12

I may need to revert to a liquid diet to try to hydrate

Because the only reason I can imagine that I am retaining so severely


Not sure how that is possible

But I can't imagine what else it could be


My eyelids are super heavy

My eyeballs burn

My muscles ache and my joints feel like they're popping and locking unintentionally

I just feel like poop

But no symptoms of getting sick


Tomorrow is our annual garage sale

Fun times!

But not when you're swollen and fatigued and just want to sleep 24/7

I am ready to have my energy back!



  1. I predict your going to be peeing all freaking night and hating yourself. LOL Your symptoms do sound like dehydration though for real. I hope your feeling better tomorrow.

  2. Hmmm... something sounds off with this. If you don't feel better soon, please go to the Doc. These symptoms can be a tip that something bigger is coming on and you want to get checked out for sure. Severe adema like you are experiencing is bad. PLEASE go to the doc if you don't start peeing like you're trying to float the ark!

  3. I agree with Jewlz, please go to the doctor to get this checked out and if your doc doesn't listen, get a second opinion. Another reason for swollen ankles (beside dehydration) is heart failure. This is at the far end of the spectrum and not necessarily this, but if it is it needs to be checked out now before your health suffers. Hugs chick ... hope this is sorted real soon for you

  4. Personally for me it takes more than 12 hours of drinking lots. It takes me a couple of days of pounding water for my body to get past the dehydration stage. The easy way to describe the physiological part is this way.

    You get dehydrated. (You should never ever get to the point that you are then it's too late....thirst is a sign of dehydration....and most people think that they have hunger pains but in reality it's thirst.) You drink a lot to make up for that. And that's get your body out of the danger zone. But your body will be in a panic mode after having been in that dehyrdation stage. It is not going to want to go there it's going to retain every bit of water it can out of fear that it's going to be dehydrated again. Keep drinking though becuause eventually your body will wake up and say "hey, the danger is past, and it's going to let that water 'loose'. For me about 3 days. Then I go through stage where I pee every stinkin' 10 minutes for a few hours. :-)

    Now, that said.......if this is an extreme case or long term and ongoing.....GO TO THE DOCTOR!


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