Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tuning Back In

Let me re-introduce myself
My name is Kristen aka Misc Mom
-to my beautiful 4 and 5 year old daughters
Breezy & Sassy
This is a new beginning post
Hello again!!!

I've been off the radar as far as my blog goes. I have still been connected with people on Facebook and e-mail but that is about it. I am back though, and ready to continue blogging as a regular part of my weekly routine. Yay!

I've had a pretty rough go of everything lately and then even as I write that, I know - genuinely know and understand - that my life is pretty damn simple and pretty damn easy in comparison to others', so I really ought stop whining.

Last Monday my mom and I joined Weight Watchers and thus far - a week in - everything has been working quite well. I do not feel deprived. I love eating massive quantities of fruits and vegetables and still seeing the number on the scale decline every day. Now, I just have to remain focused on what is MOST important and that is the eating portion of this whole journey. Exercise or no exercise, blogging or no blogging, full or empty life, I must keep at eating well or I will just end up right back at the beginning.

I have been off aspartame and other chemically infused products for several weeks now with a slip up of a piece of sugar-free gum once and a 4oz cup of ice cold Crystal Light because the only other choice was warm tap water and I was roasting from the inside out so I chose thee tea. Other than that I have been completely avoiding all those products. Instead of Diet sodas I am drinking regular if I have to have a soda, but in general I am drinking water and juice and coffee. In my coffee instead of several packets of Splenda I first used regular refined white sugar but decided to change that up to Sugar in the Raw. It just tasted better and dissolves much better. Now I just have to slowly taper off on the amount I am using which right now is approximately 6 tsp or 2 TBSP. I know that I should be using much less than this so that is a work in progress but I am counting the points for those 2 TBSP which adds up to 3 points.

I have been walking every morning with my grandma and taking the girls to the park. The only problem with that is the heat and the humidity. I barely have to move to break out in a sweat while I'm outside, so to assist in pulling the girl's wagon - because they get their fair share of exercise at the park and walk too slowly for me to get a good workout - is no easy task.

I haven't written my book in forever. I have all these ideas tumbling around in my head but they refuse to be exported from my brain to the computer. Every time I sit down I just go blank even though the scenes in my mind are so detailed and exciting I sometimes feel like I'll burst if I don't get them out. Such is the life of a writer. The story will let me know when it is ready to be told.

My ex- husband is still on his roller coaster - not that I ever expected him to get off. He definitely has some problems that I, not having a degree, cannot identify or perhaps they are as simple as feeling entitlement and ownership to something that does not actually belong to him because he is the baby of 13 and is accustomed to getting everything he wants if for nothing else than to shut him up. Apparently, in the 11 years we were together he never quite learned that I didn't work that way with him. So, now one minute he is the devil's spawn and the next minute sweet as pie. Apparently he is currently urgently trying to construct his house in Mexico, but for what purpose I am unsure. Whether he plans to move there eventually, or move some family in there or if he has more sinister plans that I cannot even bear to imagine, I just don't know. Thankfully and unfortunately - simultaneously - he changed his passwords for his phone and Facebook accounts, so while my OCD has been cut off by means of checking constantly for non-kosher activities and phone calls that may harm or affect my daughters, now I can no longer see when and if he does those things. So, I am both unnerved and thankful. Mostly thankful though, because my time is much better spent focusing on my children and my health.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in with Weight Watchers and if my scale at home is any indication of what I will see than I am one happy camper. I will be weighing every Monday and each night after weigh in I will write a post about that weigh in, meeting details if they are interesting or particularly motivational for me as well as measurements and progress photos. Those pages will then be published in the Weekly Progress tab at the top of my Home page. I am going to try to do this every Monday but as I stated before, my priority and my focus are my kids and my eating so there may be a Monday weigh in that doesn't appear until Tuesday or Wednesday. And I am okay with that.

Catching up in Weight Loss and Parenting blogland has been weird. Many blogs I follow have disappeared or gone private. I don't have the energy or drive to figure out how to request an invite to some of these blogs so I guess I will just have to find new ones. If you know of some awesome blogs (Weight Loss, Parenting, or Fitness - no fashion or promotional blogs) give me the heads up because I'm on the lookout for new (inspirational, funny and awesome) reading material.

And on that note, it is time for the housely chores; dishes, laundry, cleaning. ((sigh)) The life of a single mama.  But these faces are worth it. Ciao


  1. Yeah for HAPPY and POSITIVE post!! I love it! I cannot wait to share your joy with you on your WI tomorrow. :)

  2. Hi, Kristen! Adorable pic of your girls. :) Congrats on doing something good for yourself, am sure you'll be very successful at Weight Watchers!


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