Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Didn't Trip . . .

Last night we took Sassy and Breezy to the park after a nice evening walk through the neighborhood. Afterward the girls wanted me to chase them but I didn't feel like doing the chasing so I told them to get me and I set off running. Not jogging. Running. As fast as I could push myself and this 300+lb body can run fast and far now without getting winded. I was impressed with myself. I loved the feeling of the wind in my face and going fast on my own volition.

I stopped at the steps to the front of our house and let my kids catch up to me. They thought it was great to finally 'catch mommy' and then I set off again and they screamed with delight as I ran. However, by now dusk and turned to full on night and it was hard to see in the dark. I didn't remember the tree roots that were lifting the sidewalk or the sewer drain opening that sunk into the sidewalk and as I ran, feeling the crisp cool night air and feeling like I was actually living, my toe

caught on the lip of the sunken sewer opening. My first and last thought before I hit the ground was, "I can't stop myself from falling," and I didn't even try to. Instead I curled into my left side and ended up rolling to the left into the grass. BUT not before I tore up my left elbow, gave myself a nice elbow to wrist cement burn, pulled chunks of skin from most of my left hand knuckles and bruised my leg and hip. Only later would I realize I had also scraped my belly.

This was taken AFTER I cleaning myself up with the help of my mom and gramma
I was kind of out of it and shaken up
The last time I fell that hard was when I was pregnant with Sassy
and slipped on a spill inside the supermarket
Even then I had only bruised my butt bone, not scraped my skin off

No matter how big I make this picture it is difficult to see the faint pink burn that measures literally from my elbow to my wrist and is most prominent in the middle where the cluster of freckles are.

See the pretty crescent shaped scratches on my belly?
Nice huh?

All cleaned up, with antibiotic and bandaids. 

A good friend of mine said the most awesome thing when I told her the story:


Oh yes! LOL

Weigh in tomorrow!
Stay tuned

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  1. Oh, OUCH! First that dadgum cyst and then a fall! I'm so sorry! Hopefully it heals up quickly. Good luck tomorrow!


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