Friday, September 13, 2013


Last night before finally falling into bed I performed my nightly ritual of removing my Activelink and my bra. However, as I did so the strap snapped back on my skin and it REALLY REALLY hurt - much more than it EVER should hurt. So, being the worry wart cautious person that I am, I immediately went to the bathroom to inspect my armpit because I really thought that one of the clasps had cut me - that is how much it hurt.

There was a pink spot where I assumed it had 'got me' and I touched it, immediately horrified to find a large marble sized hard lump. My very first thought, I kid you not, was 'I have breast cancer'... Like I said ... very cautious person worry wart. I inspected and poked and prodded and probably irritated the hell out of whatever it was and then went to sleep, only to dream of horrific periods and dying and a bunch of other ridiculousness.

This morning I woke up and touched the area tentatively and low-and-behold it was still there and bigger. I freaked. Dressed Sassy, fed her breakfast and took her to school before dragging Breezy to the same day clinic to check it out. The entire time I kept trying to distract myself. It's nothing. It is a swollen lymph node. It is a cyst. It's an ingrown hair. I kept telling myself these things but in the back of my over emotional and paranoid mommy brain I kept thinking, I'm going to have breast cancer and I'm going to die and my children are going to be traumatized.

Fast forward through check in, being sent across the hall to a different doctor, being weighed, being told I had a low grade fever but GREAT blood pressure and then wearing the fun little tent shaped gown that buttons up the front for breast exams and then the doctor was in the room. God must have given me peace because I didn't even bat an eyelash when her brow crinkled and she didn't say anything. She manipulated my armpit for several moments (which felt like eternity) and then pressed her lips together and nodded. "It's not a lymph node," she said and I felt my entire body and mind freeze thinking OH HOLY HELL. And then she said, "It's a mildly infected sebaceous cyst'.

Enter the most embarrassing and over exaggerated sigh of relief.

So I have this monstrosity of a cyst under my armpit that I need to put hot wet compresses on as often as possible to try to bring it to a head. FUN TIMES YO!

Breezy was embarrassed by my tent dress and once the doctor was gone, insisted I dress as quickly as possible. I didn't care. I was

The rest of the day has been uneventful. Dinner (which is usually spent with the whole family on Fridays) will be spent with my grandparents only. My mom and cousin and aunt will be in a nearby city watching and playing in a volleyball game. And my sister and step-dad will be going to a concert.

I don't care though. I love spending time with my grandparents. Plus, the menu is steak, baked potato and fresh cooked carrots. Nom nom nom.

Two days till weigh in!

Stay tuned!


  1. I got one of those cysts once before during a very stressful time in my life. My doctor said they could be brought on by excessive stress. Hope it heals very quickly!!

  2. Glad that's all it was! Take care of yourself!

  3. Silly girl! Glad that it was taken care of so quickly for your peace of mind. I get them from time to time myself. Either arm pit or groin area.


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