Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 4 Progress (No Weigh In Until Tomorrow)

Weigh in will be tomorrow this week considering today is Labor Day and there aren't any WWs open. ((sigh))

There hasn't been much going on
I have some epidermal fissures where my thigh meets my stomach (groin area) that hurt like heck and I am trying to figure out with the doctor what to do with them
They are chronic and severely painful, especially when couples with the external yeast infections I am prone to down there

Here are my photos and measurements for the week as well as some photos from our 'Start of School' photo shoot with Sassy and her cousin

Column1 End Wk 1 End wk 2 End wk 3 End wk 4
Dress Size 28 28 28 28
Bust 42.5 42 41.5 41.5
Arms 19 18.5 18.5 18
Waist 50.5 49.5 48 47.5
Hips 67 66.75 66.5 66.5
Thighs 33.5 33 33 32

I lost 2 inches this week and a total of 7 inches. 

And that is all I have for now.
Weigh in tomorrow.
'Til then . . . 


  1. Man, you're making good progress on WW! I've never tried the diet, but I won't lie... I really like some of the food! Especially at Applebee's. lol Makes going out to eat much easier at times. I know most of their meals are whole foods and lower cal. :) Anyways, excited to see your weigh in! Hope other things in your life are going well, too!

  2. You are doing a great job! I love that you are taking regular pictures. That is so important.


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