Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 5 Progress

Yesterday was the end of week 5. 
Today starts week 6. 
I am pretty excited about this. 
Tomorrow Sassy starts her first 'real' week at school
She only went Thursday of last week
Only 1 week until the jog-a-thon
Only 2 weeks until picture day
Only 2 weeks until our favorite cousin's birthday
Only 4.5 weeks until we leave for Disneyland
And we arrive on my 29th birthday!!
We will be there for a whole 10 days
I am so stoked
And meanwhile I will be chugging along being Verse Parent at school
(Which means I test kids on the memorization of their Bible verse)
As well as room mom
On top of that are any other volunteer hours I choose to put in 
And then the holidays will be upon us!

Ok, ok, ok - to the weigh in

Yesterday I said I wanted to lose 5lbs but NEEDED to lose about 2lbs to feel like I was making progress
God is good because I LOST
Not unrealistic as 5 but above my minimum of 2!!
God KNOWS what I needed to see
So now I have lost a total of 13.6lbs
Apparently Myfitnesspal rounds up though so my ticker reads 14lbs
I only have 3.4lbs to lose until I reach my 5% goal!! 
This is my YES face even though I look constipated
My measurements are as follows:

End Wk 1 End wk 2 End wk 3 End wk 4 End wk 5
Dress Size 28 28 28 28 28?
Bust 42.5 42 41.5 41.5 41.5
Arms 19 18.5 18.5 18 18
Waist 50.5 49.5 48 47.5 47
Hips 67 66.75 66.5 66.5 64.5
Thighs 33.5 33 33 32 31.5
I have lost a total of 3" this week with 2 of those being directly off my MONDO hips
I jokingly told my mom that I am now exactly as wide as I am tall. 
Not really funny but heck it's better than being WIDER than I am tall
I have now lost a TOTAL of 10" 
There is also a question mark next to my dress size 
because I may fit in a smaller size but haven't tried it out yet
I DO KNOW that I went from a size 3x in shirt down to 2x 
so eventually I should probably notate that somewhere

And now for my progress photos:

(The progression was getting to long to fit inside my post limits so you get week 1 and this week)

I feel like my legs look longer

I am amazed that this is the same shirt ... 

First photo shirt is naturally tight - second picture I have it pulled out to my side to make it tight
(sorry about the mirror - my 4 year old likes to breathe on it and make pictures.. yuck)

Now I am off to the shed
As in, the shed in my backyard
To pull out all the fall stuff to decorate with
Because I am just in the fall - holidayish sort of mood

I will leave you with a photo of my loves!!
They are so silly and so awesome
I truly love them so
They are my life


  1. WOOT! WAY TO GO! I guess this means you are doing perfectly and don't need to change anything right now. Just keep doing your thing. :) Ooh! I'm on MFP, too! I just joined to try to get my groove back.


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