Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 9 Progress

In short this is my off week.

I have had a pattern in the last 9 weeks.
Week 1 was -5
Week 2 was -4
Week 3 was +.4
Week 4 was -1
Week 5 was -3.6
Week 6 was -0
Week 7 was -3.8
Week 8 was - 3

It seems like every 2 weeks or so I don't have a loss or I have a small gain or something like it. This week was no different, falling into the pattern of lose - lose - gain or maintain. I only lost 0.4 this week but I am okay with that. I am working hard and I feel the changes. I feel stronger, with more energy and I love how my clothes are fitting. I suddenly have many new options now that I fit into a bunch of clothes I have owned forever but never fit into. Yay!

Column1 End Wk 1 End wk 8 End wk9
Dress Size 28 & 3xl 26 & 2xl 26 &2xl
Bust 42.5 40.5 40
Arms 19 17 17
Waist 50.5 45 45
Hips 67 63.5 63
Thighs 33.5 31 31

As for measurements this week I only lost 1 inch total but a grand total of 16.5 inches in 9 weeks
This makes me very happy

The main difference in the 9 week pic that isn't quite visible is the missing frontal butt which has shrunk significantly. You can see it (a little) in the week 1 pic but even it does not do justice to how awful it was. Another difference that I see is that (this shirt being the same in both photos but tucked into my pants in week 9) is huge in the arms, where it used to be quite snug and I would need to stretch the sleeves out before I felt comfortable.

I am not certain but I think when I return from Disneyland I will be switching the shirt up to a tank top for more obvious comparison

My butt looks about the same size to me, until you see how much of the door is visible in the first photo and how much of the door is visible in the second. I admittedly was standing a little closer to the door in the second photo but it is still quite a difference.

Same shirt, freshly washed in both photos.... one of these things is different haha

The side photos are always my favorite because they are where I show the most progress. 
Sorry about the blur ... the cat was very aggressively trying to get into the room and was stressing me out while simultaneously trying to hold my shirt tight and not let my hand shake.

On that note - this will be the last weekly progress report until the 21st. 
I am praying that given 5 days of constantly being on the move around Disney and not having a ton of money to spend on food will help me at least maintain my loss but maybe lose more as well

The ex-husband e-mailed me today to see the kids
He knows the rules and he blatantly just does not want to follow them
I didn't even know what to say other than to reiterate what I have always said about following the Parenting Plan

I cannot wait to get out of dodge and just relax with the family without the tedium of normal life, chores, school, etc. 

I may blog between now and then unless I find myself in a tornado of 'things to do' before we leave. Sass has her last day of school and I need to go grocery shopping. I am getting the caterpillars on my face waxed to beautifosmousness 
(Yes, that would be b-e-a-u-tif-fuss-muss-nuss lol)
I have to bake some yummy nummyness for my sister and for the trip
Then I have parent teacher conferences and need to make sure all necessities are packed and of course picking of the van, making sure all insurance and ticket arrangements are taken care of
Soooo, if you don't hear from me, I'm probably drowning in a load of things I gotst to do
Until next time

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  1. You are showing great progress! I especially like the difference in the look on your face! Way to go!!!


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