Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review in Photos



May everyone have a very happy and safe New Year's Eve!

Photo Time

(but all out of order)

 The view out of my left car window
The view out of my right car window
(slight difference?)

 Sassy started Kindergarten
 Christmas 2013
Yoga time at Momo and Papa's house
 We baked in 2013 ... a lot!
 Sassy's first day of Kindergarten
 Advent (25 days of Christmas 2013)
 Fourth of July with Neighbors
 Photo shoot with cousin

 Disneyland - October 2013

 The girls love to plant
and weed
and garden with Momo and Nana

 Easter chaos
At the Easter Egg Mall Hunt
 Sassy's 5th birthday in Seattle 
(with daddy)
 More baking anyone?
 Nana's 45th birthday
 Sassy in the ER with Bronchitis
 Easter 2013

The small town carnival 
 Cousin togetherness with Mr. P snurgling
 Breez' 4th birthday
 Mas birthday party fun
 A visit to the Columbia River
 Halloween 2013
Auntie J as Minnie Mouse
Mama as a 70's chick
Sass as Princess Tiana 
And Breez as a Gypsy

 Swimming beauties
 Sass in the hospital (again) with abdominal pain, vomiting and breathing issues
My poor girl

Sassy getting student of the month!

There were so many more events that were photo worthy in 2013
But I either couldn't find them or there were no photos actually taken
Again, I hope for everyone to have a Happy New Years Eve!
And to bring in 2014 with everyone you love most!

See you NEXT YEAR!

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