Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas ALWAYS Goes too Fast

I feel like I was just writing my Thanksgiving post and now we are days away from the new year. Old(er) folks don't lie when they say that the older you get the faster the years go. And it is even more true when you have kids. I wouldn't change it though. Every year it just gets better and fills my heart to overflowing so that I can't imagine I could be any more blessed or loved the next year, only to find that it just grows exponentially every following season. It isn't just me either. After seeing photos and posts on Facebook and Twitter as well as reading several blog posts, it is apparent that the love really was felt and dealt well this year.

So, Linn over at A Place Called Simplicity has invited her readers (and their readers) into her house for Christmas and I am a sucker (excuse the expression) for the different ways people celebrate Christmas. I think it is thee ABSOLUTE most beautiful, wondrous and blessed time of year. Here is a peek into our Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Baking cookies

We made sugar cookies, sugar cookie balls, chocolate chip cookies, chex mix, carameled chex mix, muddy buddy chex mix (chocolate) and banana bread

Sassy, Mama's little elf
Opening the 24th day of 25 days of Christmas present

Ever After High Dolls - Apple White and Madeline Hatter

On our way to family's house for Christmas Brunch

Elsa - Sassy's gift from Auntie

Ana - Breezy's gift from Auntie

Hugs by the Christmas Tree

I am so thankful that they love each other so very much

(7 large and heavily frosted)
Christmas cookies and milk

They also saluted and kissed Kipper (our elf on the shelf) goodnight and goodbye for the last time until next year
There were tears
It was very emotional
Mr. P posing in front of the Christmas Tree

The tree Christmas Morning

Opening their stockings with care
in front of a faux fire
(see it on the TV in the background haha)

Opening Santa's (huge)
gifts with not so much care

Chief's face warmer beanie

Emma's Christmas Bling
Doesn't she just look stunning?!

Mr. P in his suit and tie
So handsome!

The girls gave mama
"Migraine fixer'
They were so proud of their gift to me and I LOVE IT
Sassy also made me the most adorable manger set with small ceramic plant pots. They were turned upside down and draped in ropes and shawls to make Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. It is adorable but sadly, I have no photo.

Sassy's Santa Gift
Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins - come on let the visit begin, the doc is in
(theme song)

Breezy's Santa Gift
She wanted a kitchen because she is mama's little sous chef
And there is nothing she enjoys more than mixing and stirring and chopping and serving
Momo and Papa's house
(with auntie C and great auntie J, Great Uncle E & honorary Uncle K)

Girls, Yizzl, Nana and Great Auntie J
Our Christmas Eve was spent playing Bunco with family. Even my little chicklets joined in. It was awesome and warm and beautiful with so much joy and laughter. 

There was a very tender and sad moment when Sassy looked at her cousin who was laughing with my uncle (my cousin's dad) and asked why she got to live with her daddy? 

My heart clenches and tears well in my eyes just thinking about it.
How do you explain to a beautiful, innocent heart of a 5 year old that her daddy isn't following the rules?
That it isn't safe?
And how do you explain that on Christmas eve?
The answer is, you don't. 
The answer is you hug the child and you tell them how much they are loved by everyone that surrounds them and by their daddy who isn't present in body but is present in her heart.

On a slightly more somber tone the rest of the night was spent holding my babies.
Loving on them and praying that God would touch their tender little hearts 
so that the pain of paternal absence would lessen

And THAT is what Christmas is about
Being there for the ones you love
When they are hurting
Holding them
Loving them
And showing them through your love for them how much God loves them
Which is why He sent his son
And is ALWAYS with them

Love to all
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
May 2014 bring you all the peace, love, prosperity that God has intended for you

On that note, I read Katie's blog over at Runs for Cookies and a close family friend of hers who has (for lack of a better term due to lack of full disclosure) mental disabilities is dying from cancer and will probably be spending the rest of his days in a hospital bed instead of the group home he has known all his life. She has asked her readers to send him get better/well cards, even though it is unlikely he will get better. The cards cheer him up so much and she takes them to him and reads them to him which over joys him. So, I though I would ask my readers to do the same. If you can find it in your heart to write well wishes to Mark I think he would be tickled pink. You can find more details in THIS POST over on Katie's blog.

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