Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Am Blessed

God has blessed me immeasurably with my two baby girls. 
I could write an entire novel on how they are a blessing in my life, 
but I will give you ten perfect reasons. 

  • First and foremost, they both LOVE GOD and know that their life is His
  • Their love for Him is evident in the way they speak, act and generally express themselves
  • They both LOVE EACH OTHER so much
  • Through their child-like, unconditional love for God and each other and their family, God has softened my heart that was once very calloused and cold
  • Their unwavering and undoubting belief in God and Jesus Christ has strengthened my own walk with Him
  • Through my children I have learned the value of someone else's NEED and putting other people before myself
  • I have learned how fragile the human body can be while in contrast the human spirit can be immensely strong and durable
  • They have re-established my values and deepened my need for all that God asks of us; 
    Respect (for oneself, ones family and others)
    A need for only God and no other worldly possessions
    A healthy mind, mouth, and body (be careful little eyes what you see . . .)
    Focusing on God and His way and His path for us and not our own wants for our life
    Value of others
    Value of others' things
    Value of life
    Value of relationships
    Value of truth
    Contentment with what has been provided by God
    without coveting what one does not have
  • And lastly my daughters have taught me the true indescribable but ever existing definition of pure, unconditional love 

A post dedicated to Linn over at A Place Called Simplicity and her house full of God given Treasures

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  1. Awww, they are sooo cute :) You really are blessed. Eeek, Christmas tree looks amazing too.



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