Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Piles and Piles and Piles To Fold!

I admit that I kinda love domestic chores. (although other than here, I would never ever not on your life admit that - that would create expectations where they should never exist) I like to tidy up, straighten up, make sure everything is in its place. I even like to deep clean; throw everything I own into the center of the house and clean every nook and cranny before putting it all away and/or donating what I don't want or need to Goodwill or Salvation Army. (Of course, it is Murphy's Law that as soon as I get rid of something I haven't used in years, I will inevitably need it very soon after getting rid of it ... it happens every.single.time.) I like to sweep and vacuum and mop. I like to rinse dishes and load them up in the dishwasher and then put them away. I like to pull out full bins of dirty laundry and one by one load up the washing machine, and then the dryer. 

BUT THERE IS ONE THING I ABSOLUTELY DETEST DOING: Folding and hanging the laundry and putting it away. I do not know why I have such an abhorrence for this chore, but I absolutely dread it. 

So, on days like yesterday and the day before, I pull out my laundry bin and the girls' laundry bins and I go to work washing ALL the clothes we have that are dirty. This usually amounts to about 7-8 loads every week including towels. And after they wash, I throw a dryer pad into the dryer and dry them and then I unload the dryer onto my bed (which is known for being laundry central) and I go about reenacting the cycle of wash, dry, to the bed, wash, dry, to the bed. 

Last night, after I had finished every load except 2 I came into my room and looked at my LAUNDRY MOUNTAIN. Sometimes I let that mountain stay in tact for the entire week, but last night it bothered me so I set to the tedious task of folding and hanging and putting away. I grumbled and grimaced the whole time, but in 30 minutes my Mountain was all folded and laid out on the bed ready to put away. I felt so accomplished!

Now that my other two loads are done, my bed looks like this again.

It is truly never ending! 
And it probably won't get done today because today we are going to see Frozen!
Which brings me to day of Advent numero 4!!

The girls were so excited to find their little beanie bunnies sitting in front of the Advent calendar and then to have an 'eye spy' to find their movie tickets which were inside the envelopes on the back of the Tinkerbell ornaments. They were just elated.
But I knew they would be. Last night they asked me if I would give them hints about today's gift and I said no, so they began speculating what it might be and they thought possibly a doll with doll clothes. Then at that moment so very conveniently, a trailer for Frozen came on TV and I commented that it looked cute and would they like to see it. Breezy said very matter-of-factly in true Breezy style, 'When it comes out Mama." As if it were obvious that it wasn't out yet. I set her straight (kindly of course) and said, 'It is out!' and both girls' eyes grew very wide and I was instantly bombarded with hysterical shrilly exclamations about when they could see it. And of course, knowing that we were going to see it today but not at all willing to even give away the idea that it was a possibility I said, 'soon hopefully,'. And as they usually do, the settled, knowing that when Mama says we will do something soon, it usually means really soon and I didn't hear another peep about it. 
Now, today, knowing that they're going today, they won't stop talking about it. Is it time yet? Is it time yet? What time are we going? Is it time yet? Ha ha ha!

In other news I took a photo of our pretty Christmas lights on the back side of our house.

And though we were hoping for snow this morning, all we got was a good solid frosting. Grrr! 

This Mama wants snow!

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  1. omg, your christmas lights look amazing. Eeek I can't wait for Christmas :)



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