Saturday, December 7, 2013

Post 900 ... And 4 Years Later - A Walk Down Memory Lane

Sass has been sick ... again ... This is the third time since Halloween. 
I am so ready for her to get better

My gramma and I attended a Christmas tea at the girls' school
It was beautiful and lots of fun

Tables at the Christmas Tea
Even though I loved our table (bottom right)
My favorite was the pink and silver table a lady made
I was drawn to that like a moth to a flame
This girl loves her some pink and bling

Pretty mermaid Barbies for my sleepy girls

The girls love love love decorating the Christmas tree every year

No one said we weren't a strange family

Like I said

Even though Sass is sick, she and her sister are best playmates
They enjoy each other so much
When they aren't poking, pinching, hitting, sitting on or yelling at each other

You wouldn't know by looking at Sassy 
just how rough a night she had coughing and being all congested and stuffy

Play makeup and hair baubles 
as well as some really cool Christmas cups with globes inside of them

Our first Christmas in 2009 living with Nana
Sassy was 1.5 years old and Breezy was about 3.5 months old.

We have lived as a little family of three for four years now.
Look how my little princesses have grown.
I love them so and pray God will allow 
many many many more years of life and happiness for them.


  1. Awww! Your girls are just so darn adorbs. I just realized when in one of your previous posts that your heritage and the heritage of one of my bestie's is almost identical. Except where you are Greek and the ex Hispanic, she is Hispanic and her hubby is Greek. She, too, has beautiful children! It must be a great genetic mix! Anyways, it looks like your holidays are rolling right along and I love tea idea. I liked the table at the top right in the pics. Hope that Sass gets to feeling better quickly... and stays that way for a bit!

  2. Wow, your girls look gorgeous. I can't wait for Christmas now :)



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