Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peppermint Chocolate and Silly Kitties Oh My

Sassy didn't go to school today. She has been flirting with fever-ville since yesterday and though her temp hasn't gone past 100.1, I still say that with all the phlegmy coughing she need not spread whatever she might have around. And I would really love if she would relax and get better so that she can enjoy December without feeling like poop.

So, here we sit watching Christmas specials on TV, playing new games purchased with their iTunes gift card and petting therapy kitties. I'm also nursing my second cup of coffee because this mama needs to stay AWAKE. I was up pretty close to ALL last night with Sassy who couldn't sleep due to her stupid - nagging cough and then Breezy was too excited about her Advent gift to sleep past 5:30am.

So around 6am (the longest I was able to keep the two of them horizontal) we went to check out what was left in the Advent calendar.  Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty earrings, rainbow headbands and squash balls. Plus yummy-num-a-lishous peppermint kisses. MMM MMM MMM

(I have to remember that they are not for me)

I am excited for tomorrow's Advent gift because it is a trip to the theater to see the new Disney movie, Frozen. As anyone who has frequented my blog or who knows me well knows, I am a HUGE Disney fanatic so any chance to go see a new Disney movie does not get lost on me. The girls have been asking me often when they can see it also, so I am excited that their request will finally be fulfilled.

And with that here is a little peek into our morning and early afternoon . . .

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