Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just a Hay Day Kinda Distraction

I'm in a bullet kinda mood.

  • I'm on track with my weight loss. All points tracked and accounted for. I expect to have a loss on Monday even though it may not be as big as the last two weeks. I am okay with that. Although I would be totally okay if I DID lose as much as the last couple weeks also.
  • I will admit that one of the reasons I have been absent is because my mom and my aunt sucked us into and brain washed introduced me AND my kids to this awful, horrible, ridiculously addicting, fun game called Hay Day on our iPads and iPhones. Don't play it. It will take over your life, what with the milking the cows and 'egging' the chickens and 'baconating' the pigs. Don't even take into account that you can decorate the farm beautifully and you fill orders which give you coins and you can find buried treasure that gives you diamonds and all with your facebook family and friends.
  • My time has also been quite filled with being 'room mom' for Sassy's kindergarten class as well as watching the new DVDs I signed up for on Netflix. So far I have seen The Great Gatsby, Now You See Me, Inception and tonight I will be watching Lincoln. 
  • Even though it sounds like I have been living a sloth-like existence I have also been active doing rotations of Richard Simmons (against my will but because my gramma loves it/him) as well as a ridiculous Denise Austin DVD that burns more calories in laughter than actual exercise and then Hatha Yoga which actually does stretch the hell out of me and makes me feel like a million ducks bucks. 
  • The fog has been ridiculous lately. I have heard that from just a few miles up into higher elevation from where we live that looking down into the valley looks like they are living on an ocean surrounded by ocean fog. Today was the first sunny day in at least a week and at that the temperature was still in the low 30s. ((brrrrrr)) So, I haven't been brave enough to take the girls outside to do any outdoor activities. I would rather hang out inside with my Hayday and movies in the warmth.
  • The ex has been in constant communication but hasn't requested to see the girls except for once. I contacted the visitation service that is required in our parenting plan to have them call him and encourage him to set up visit times but so far he has not been interested... that I know of. 
  • On that note, and on the last note, this eating well and exercising religiously thing is wrecking havoc on my body as it rids itself of toxins. I have never been a person who smells of BO. Not even when I exercise hard. I have either always worn sufficient deodorant or it just wasn't in my chemistry ... until now. I stink. I have to reapply deodorant often. I have also had chronic external yeast infection on my thigh/stomach where my leg and pelvis meet since I had my girls. They have been exacerbated lately spreading extra far across my leg and belly as well as hurting really badly. 
  • I wonder if it's because I am closing in on the big 3-0.. yikes ... I don't even want to think about that so I will smile and pretend I will be 29 forever and don't even bring up the nice skunk stripe of white on my right temple. Until next time people.


  1. It very well could just be hormonal. I know I did that after I had my boys and it seems to have just recently let up. Hopefully it will let up for you, too!

  2. Sowwy I already play a game that sucks up my time on FB. The tribez lol


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