Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just Press Start

I feel like tomorrow presses the START button on the rest of this year. For two weeks now there have been few responsibilities, no school, and little control of what went in my mouth until the 30th as if real life had been on PAUSE.

Tomorrow that changes. It is my first week going back to WW meetings in almost 4 weeks. Tomorrow is my first weigh in where there should will be a loss.

I had scheduled a check up for Sassy due to her gastro-intestinal issues but she seems to be doing very well. I had thought maybe she had a gluten intolerance but her symptoms did not coincide with her gluten consumption. I thought maybe wheat, or sugar or dairy but none of her issues arose when those things were consumed. On the bright side I feel I have been able to pin point two things that make her tummy hurt. Red meat and food that is too rich/fatty. When she eats that, she loses her appetite, complains of tummy aches and just withdraws. When I limit those things she seems to be just hunky dory. I am still debating on keeping the appointment or not.

Next Monday I have my first dentist appointment in over 10 years. Yes, it has been a decade since I last would be an understatement is a blatant lie. I am petrified. I have always been very sensitive about pain above the neck. With chronic ear infections as a child followed by both a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy (I don't know if that is what it's actually called) and then a bunch of issues with braces for seven years plus all the times I have hit my head and my history of Migraines any pain associated with my head just makes me want to spin on my heels and walk away. BUT I have to go. I have gingivitis, and I think I may have a cavity that I don't want to get worse. I have seen my mom in too much pain with root canals and tooth decay. No thanks! A filling I will endure. What I REALLY hate about dentists is the scraping sensation as they clean your teeth. It gives me the uber chills and NOT in a good way.
saw a dentist and to say I am scared

The girls have their dental check up at the end of the month and both freaked out a little until I promised them they would not have to get fluoride. The last time they experienced that was horrific so I had no problem telling them it would be just a cleaning and maybe X-rays if necessary. They were totally cool with it after that.

The next day (after my dental appointment) I have a re-check at the dermatologist. I have a freckle, birthmark, flat mole THING on my back that I actually like. It isn't raised and it is kind of shaped like a heart but since I was small it has grown from a literal freckle to a thumbnail size brown spot. I was supposed to have it checked in September to make sure it isn't changing shape or color. Oops. Missed that time frame and honestly, I may miss this one too. I just hate going to the doctor so much and the idea of him splicing into my back for a biopsy just does not appeal to me after how badly he butchered my foot. Okay, that is a gross overstatement. He didn't butcher my foot but the month after the biopsy it certainly felt that way. When I had surgery to remove the lesion three months later and the podiatrist dug down deep into the muscle it didn't hurt as badly afterward as when the dermatologist took a sample of the 'surface'.

And throughout the month I am room mom. I do Bible Verses with the kids, I volunteer at Sassy's
school, I am coordinating her teacher's 'half birthday' because her actual birthday is in the summer as well as a school wide event called 'Family Fun Night'. The workers of the event and the parents call it the "Family Not Fun Night' though because it is such a pain in the butt. But hey, it's good for fundraising, right? ((sigh))

*Tangent: the heater just came on and a very potent cologne smell (like my ex's) just poured through onto my feet (floor heater) and up into my face. That was not

On that note, I entered a virtual 5k over at Katie's blog Runs for Cookies and I am supposed to do it on January 25th in honor of her birthday. (That's my grandpa's birthday too) So, I am going to commit to this... whether it be walking or jogging, I am going to do that 5k. 3.1 miles. I can do that and I have 20 days to prepare for it. A-Walking-I-Will-Go ...

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