Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nast Light was Mo Fuch Sun!

** This post is being edited**
And why am I telling you? 
Because frankly, I am embarrassed
After publishing it, 
I re-read it 
and realized how RIDICULOUS my grammar and spelling are 
So, even though it shows that no one has viewed it yet, 
I will leave the text as is 
Stupidity and all
with RED italics to show what I MEANT to say 
I am a writer and THIS is embarrassing. 

Didja catch that? I wrote the title, thought I should delete it and then thought I would start by saying that 2014 has gotten off to a fun start ... starting with my completely (complete) inability to speak properly or even type properly which turns my words into a different language. I would say dyslexia has something to do with it but I have never been formally diagnosed - though I certainly haven't ruled it out either. Anyway, if you haven't guessed, the title was supposed to (be) Last Night was So Much Fun. And it was!

We ate turkey dinner - our picnic version - played Bunco with our immediate and extended family (not sure why I didn't just say family considering immediate and extended pretty much sums up everyone). The girls were so good. They watched episodes of Full House (I bought for them for Christmas the entire series because they love it so much -- this is where speaking a second language interferes with my native tongue ... that whole mess was supposed to say = I bought the entire series for them for Christmas because they love it so much) and played with their cousin's barbies. Then the family hung out together until the ball dropped in NYC. I will admit I was a bit appalled to have to watch Miley Cyrus to bring in the New Year, but hey! I am alive and well ... and well, it's all good.

My sister and her goofy boyfriend

Breezy and Yzzil

Great Papa and Sass

Daisy (the pup) trying desperately
to join all of us on the sofa
No, no girl

Sass and Mama
Don't ask about my face, cuz I have no idea

The 3 other generations
Great Momo, Nana and my girls Plus Great Auntie J

Today I woke up and got Breezy ready for her 2nd horse riding lesson. She was calm and collected and you would never know just how excited she was about going to that lesson unless you were me. Her excitement was apparent in her lack of complaining when I brushed her hair, her ability to not only quickly put on her cowgirl boots but to don socks beneath them on her own volition which is absolutely unheard of. Her excitement was more than obvious in how she sat for a dozen minutes while I adjusted and readjusted her helmet to fit her (growing) head. And as her mama I could see the sparkle in her eye and the wide grin on her face in my rearview mirror as we drove to the stables listening to God music. This girl's heart is on a ranch with horses.

When we arrived I wasn't certain we were at the correct stables because there are several on one dirt road but we had some guests come out to greet us which we took as a sign that we were in the correct place. As soon as I parked this is what happened.

This cute little girl kitty (who we later learned was named Princess aka Meatball) jumped right up on my hoot (hood) and started rolling around all over it. I imagine it was warm from the engine being on and it was cold outside so she thought... ahhhh niiiice. 

Breezy and I got out of the car and in addition, three more kitties came to greet us as well as a three legged shepherd dog. It was very sweet and they were all super clean and friendly. (I am always worried about the buggies that outdoor animals attract)

I couldn't get a good picture of the other orange tabby or grey cat or the three legged dog.

Then Breezy's instructor arrived and we went into the stables where she brought out Glory.

Glory is a 20+ year old mare and is such a well broken, good tempered girl horse. Isn't she pretty? We almost didn't recognize her from the last time we saw her in June when she was sleek and shiny and 'looked' much slimmer. This time she was super furry and 'fluffy' because her winter coat hasn't been cut yet. 

And Breezy rode her like a pro even though it was only her second time. Unfortunately my phone died mid lesson so I only got two photos. The first is Breezy mounting Glory and the second is Breezy trotting Glory straight into me. Haha 

Meanwhile Sassy spent the afternoon with her great grandma, setting up the playroom in their house, eating lunch out, going for a walk to the neighborhood park and hanging out with Great Papa. 

All in all it was a great start to the year. May the days continue with such beautiful blessings.

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  1. Hey now! I read it and I am not no one! :P I am such a skimmer that I didn't really even notice any of your red. Well I did actually but it didn't bother me enough to re-read those parts to see if I wasn't crazy. LOL


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