Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sick Babies, Big Toe Owwies, and Eating Fiasco

I had a hard day with the 'eating well' stuff
I am not sure why
Maybe because I had eaten a little too much yesterday
and I was trying to 'make up for it' today
which I have learned my lesson time and time again
that depriving myself one day for an overindulgence from another day
And thus today's binge
Thankfully it wasn't an 'at home binge' 
where all that inhabited our cabinets and fridge were at my disposal
Instead, it was a restaurant binge
You know, where they serve limitless baskets of chips and salsa
Yeah, that kind
Coupled with chicken fajitas and flan
The rest of the day wasn't so bad
Coffee, oatmeal, fruit rollup ... okay okay 4 fruit roll ups ... and some cupcake fishies
Tomorrow is a new day, right?

I made sure through our pediatrician that what I am doing for Breezy's toe is correct
and it is
Today we changed her bandages
Soaked her foot in warm water
Made sure it was good and dry and clean
and re-wrapped it

She didn't watch
She doesn't like blood
But she never cried
Not even a whimper
My baby is so brave

Stupid Meme app got all ga-funked 
(excuse the missing words please)

And Sass is sick
I hate it when Sassy gets sick
Because with the germs come exhaustion
with exhaustion comes emotional outbursts
and with her uncontrollable emotional outbursts 
sometimes this mama likes to just yank her own hair out in clumps
Okay, maybe just a strand here and there
no, seriously

So, we are trying to be positive about the lack of eating control
we are trying to heal a toe
and we are trying to get a girl well

And tomorrow is Monday


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