Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rome wasn't Conquered in a Day

But yesterday was a day I conquered. Loaded up Myfitnesspal with my new data because it had been a while since I actively used it. Changed the starting weight and have been putting in my foods. Yesterday I succeeded in staying below my allotted calories. Today, so far, I have as well. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and wanted to vomit from the number I saw. But when I stepped on the scale this morning (because yes, I am a servant to the scale) I was already down 7lbs which tells me just how much sodium and crap I was consuming to have lost that much water retention with just one day of eating well.

In other news, I am sick. I have avoided truly getting sick for quite a while. In fact I don't think I have been truly sick sick in over a year. But today I woke up with fiery hot glass shards in my throat, a throbbing headache behind my left eye, achy muscles and joints, as well as severely swollen sinuses. Well played flu ... it finally caught me. So, I have been hydrating and trying to drink a lot of tea because the heat helps my throat. Apple Cinnamon from Celestial Seasonings is my favorite. It requires no honey or sweetener. It tastes amazing all by itself.

Facebook has really been getting on my nerves lately. I am unsure if it was the scripture I posted (tried to post and found later it had been removed) or if I am 'commenting' or 'liking' too much in too short a time (that has happened before) but suddenly they are moderating what I post. I don't like that. Not even a little bit. A suspicious part of me wonders if a person on my friends list who is annoyed by my Bible verses or Bible Memes reported me... Then again, maybe I just use Facebook too much. Anything is possible right?

I am quite possibly the most jealous person on the planet right now (okay, not really but I am jealous)... My sister is turning 21 on Saturday and is taking a three day trip to Disneyland with her boyfriend. I am so excited for her to get to go because she didn't get to go with us in October, but on that same note there is never a time I don't feel a twinge of I WANNA GO TOOOOOOO!, when someone I know goes. Half because it is the most magical place on earth and half because it is my HOME. And I don't just mean Anaheim and surrounding areas. I would live at Disneyland if it were permitted. Regardless of the price it might cost, I would find a way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DISNEYLAND.

And on that note, some photos to leave you with:

We (my mom, my sister and I) celebrated my mom's 23rd birthday (x2) by eating at a traditional Moroccan restaurant in Portland where we sat on 'poofies' or 'toad stools' or 'pillows' (okay, pillows is what they're actually called) Our hands were washed at our table and then we were served our 5 course dinner (actual photos of the restaurant can be found HERE) starting with delicious lentil soup and then tabouli salad and bread, followed by Pastilla (which I did not care for - in fact I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom in fear I might toss my cookies..errr pastilla) followed by the main dish which for my sister was vegetarian breka, my mom had spicy couscous and I had tagine of chicken honey and prunes. This was very good and we all shared a little. It was served without silverware so it was definitely interesting trying to scoop the couscous with your fingers. After the main course our hands were cleansed with rose-water and mine definitely needed to be after picking through the chicken. They then served dessert (an almond flavored tart-thing) and this delicious sweet tea. It was amazing. Unfortunately we were unable to see the belly dancers. They started at 7:45 and we finished dinner at 7:15. We might have waited the extra half hour except it was pretty packed and we didn't want to keep a table since we weren't still eating. Afterward we went to Voodoo Donuts (omygod the best donuts in the world) and then home. It was so fun.

Mr P and Daisy (my aunt's golden retriever) are special buddies. Whenever they take her for a walk she comes to 'visit' Mr. P and he head butts her and rubs all over her and she whines and sniffs him and rubs on him too. It is quite comical because Mr P is a dog lover and Daisy DOES NOT LIKE CATS. The minute she leaves our house if she sees a cat outside she goes nuts trying to get at it. She doesn't seem to mind Emma though and that is good even though Emma won't get within 20 feet of THE DOG. haha

Also, if you have a moment please pray for Miss Daisy. She had to have a fatty mass removed from behind her front leg and it was deeply entwined in the muscle so she is having a bit of difficulty recovering. We need prayer that the internal bleeding stops and the healing begins. Thank you!!

Emma's sexy seductive pose
Come hither prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Breezy had her kindergarten roundup orientation last week
She's ready to be a big kindergartener next year while Sassy moves up to 1st grade
My babies aren't babies anymore
((insert sob))

And a photo of us on the Columbia River
No, really. We were on it because the runoff from the mountains has been so plentiful and the tide is so high there was literally no beach where usually there is at least a good 30 feet of sand to wander through until you get to the water.  The editing makes the water look far away but in reality it's really only about 10 feet away. Craziness ...

And how about Breezy's hat? She is such a nut.


  1. So Sorry to hear about you being sick! Being sick is the worst- it prevents us from functioning and doing our day to day responsibilities that need to be completed. The older you get the more likely to come down with the common cold and flue you become. I take a supplement to help build my immunity, since I have been on it (a little over 14 years) I have not been sick, not once. Check out Dr. Ed Park explaining how TA-65 helps prevent sickness.


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