Saturday, April 26, 2014

True Story or Fiction?

Once upon a time there lived a very happy couple named Catarin and Edward. They were so very in love. They did everything together. They finished each other's sentences, knew what the other wanted to eat when they went out and were always holding hands or had their arms wrapped around each other. Catarin always made Edward laugh with her witty humor and Edward never failed to make Catarin smile with his contagious laughter. From the outside they appeared to be the perfect couple.

Little did Catarin know, though, that Edward was keeping a secret from her. He was desperately ill. He would lie about going to the doctors and would tell her instead that he and his buddies were going on a 'boys outting'. He had never lied to her before, so she had to no reason not to trust him. Her sun rose and set on him being hers and the fact that he would hide something from her never dawned on her.

It was just when spring was turning the flowers brilliant colors and the warmth had begun to gush over the hills and through the valley that Rose, Catarin's best friend and Edward's sister, invited Catarin to the beach to play in the water and enjoy the sun. It was supposed to be a 'girls' outting'. The first day was breathtaking with the white sand sifting through their toes and the clear water sliding up and down the beach in frothy waves. It was heaven.

The second day Catarin received a message on her phone from Edward that left her destroyed.

"I have decided to return to my ex girlfriend. I don't want to see you or hear from you again. Don't bother coming back from the beach early to change my mind. Goodbye."

With her heart in her feet and tears suffocating her sobs, the mini vacation suddenly turned into something very different and very painful. Rose was there to try to comfort Catarin but Catarin was inconsolable. Her body trembled with the physical pain that his words had provoked. She spent the night kneeling in the sand, screaming at the velvet sky and nothing Rose could say or do calmed her.

It was that night, that Rose was called home. She remorsefully left a deeply distraught Catarin to endure her pain alone. Catarin remained at the beach for that night and the rest of the next day, eventually making her way home but not seeing the point in it. She didn't see the point in anything anymore. Her sun that had risen and set on Edward had been extinguished and the gaping hole she felt where her heart had beat only for him caused her to wonder if there was even a point in living.

When she arrived home, she learned from Rose and Rose's mother that Edward had indeed left for a city far away with his ex girlfriend. Her anguish and pain was renewed and she spent the next days in deep agony, unable to sleep or eat or drink anything. She didn't understand how a love like theirs could be so easily tossed into oblivion.

Meanwhile, during Catarin's torment, Rose and Catarin's Uncle, Damian (who also happened to be Rose's new boyfriend) were having a discussion.

"Edward told me that the cancer had grown and spread and that was why his head hurt so badly. He told me that they can't really control it and that the doctor said there was nothing more they could do. I told him I was praying for him. I told him to have faith but he seemed so sure that this was the end. I told him God would save him, but he didn't believe me. He only told me that he was going to message Catarin and tell her he was returning to his ex. He wanted to make her hate him. I told him not to but he didn't care. He said he was going to do it anyway and he told me to take care of her; to always take care of her," Damian told Rose. "So, how is he? Is he getting better? I haven't heard from him."

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I came home early from the beach because my mom called me. Edward died a few days ago. Don't tell Catarin. Today we are burying Edward," Rose sobbed.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry."

"I know. I am telling all of his friends because he never had the chance to say goodbye to anyone."

"Wow, that is just horrible."

"Yes and my mom told me that Edward told her not to tell Catarin. Catarin can't know. Promise me you won't tell your niece. Don't say anything about it to her."

"She is sending me messages right now. She wants to know if it really is true. She says everything feels like a bad nightmare. She wants me to tell her why he left her," Damian said noticing the messages on his phone.

"Tell her he is going to get married to his ex and that he went to live with my dad," Rose said, speaking of her father who lived thousands of miles away.

"I will only tell her that because you ask me to, even though she will hate me."

"Yes, tell her that for Edward."

"Why don't you tell her the truth?"

"Because I don't plan to break the promise my mom made to him on his deathbed."

"Ok, that is what I will tell her."

Damian told his niece that it was true. Edward had left her for his ex girlfriend. That he was going to marry her and that they had moved far away. Catarin still cries herself to sleep at night but hopes and prays for the one day she will find him and they will be together again, even if it is when they are very old.

Little does she know, that day can never come.


So the question is ... is this a true story or is it fiction.

And what would you do in Rose and/or Damian's position?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Little Rant

Disclaimers for today's post

*I believe that there is evil in this world that is inherently human

*I believe through Jesus, there is life after the death we experience in this world

*I believe God the Father sent Jesus the Son to become our sin, to die, so that we would not have to live an eternity apart from the Father

*I believe that everything happens for a reason whether we know the reason or not 
-I receive a lot of flack for this one, but without this belief I believe hope is lost

*I believe that everyone has their own opinions and the following are mine



It is no wonder people of the 21st century are:
more depressed
more suicidal
more obese
more dependent
and more volatile 
than our relatives of prior centuries and millennia

We live in the age of technology
We have information overload right at our fingertips
And while a lot of that information can be good
or entertaining

Bad for the mind
Bad for heart
Bad for the spirit

Hence depression
Hence obsessive compulsive behaviors
Hence violence

We live in a society of FEAR


Today I flipped on my 5th appendage aka my iPhone
tapped in my code
pressed the Facebook app
Family/friends events and photos
Silly pictures
Good recipes
at my fingertips

And the first 5 stories on my wall?
(Now tell me if this wouldn't depress you)

Story 1

Woman Thanks God 

for Her Abortion 

Because She Wanted 

to Fit Into Her Skinny Jeans

Followed by the 'news story'

Story 2

A cute photo a friend posted saying,
"Life is short, live it"

Followed by
Story 3



is Transforming Developing 

Cities Around 

the World

Followed by the 'news story'

Story 4

Mother Arrested 

for Murdering 

Her Three Disabled Children, 

Including Twin Boys

Followed by the 'news story'

Story 5

'Under God' 

doesn't belong in 

the Pledge of Allegiance: 


These are just SOME of the pieces of 'literature' calling itself news
I have to choose from 
And it sure as HELL depresses me!

How could it not?
We have death of babies for vanity
An admittedly nice sentiment from my friend
A computer game dictating how humans construct their cities
Thus their lives
Mothers killing children
And erasing God from an essential part 
of what used to be the American child's education

I'm sorry, let me just say here
If my inclusion of 'under God' offends you
Why is it wrong for me to be offended when 
you exclude MY GOD and negate MY BELIEFS

Is this not the epitome of hypocrisy?

It is no wonder we live in an entitled
simultaneously self loving/self loathing society
where kids die not just from disease 
but because they can't process all the SHIT they see and hear
They can't handle it and they would rather kill themselves
then see it, hear it or live it

So, I pray
I pray for the beautiful angels on this earth called children
That they will not grow up to be like we
their parents

I am

Tired of hearing about left wing vs right wing
republicans vs democrats
liberals vs conservatives 
Christians vs seemingly EVERYONE ELSE
I'm tired of reading about death
especially of the innocent
I am tired of all the campaigns
to save the trees
save the earth
save the polar bears
but very few about saving our babies
And when I say babies
I mean from the little humans in-utero 
who didn't ask to be conceived
to our teenage babies
who have to endure the harshness of our current world
they have to live in it and absorb it
and try to sort it out
in their still developing mind and emotions

Our world is evil
There is so much ugliness
ugliness that this post hasn't even touched on
evil that I don't dare even speak about
Yet it is flaunted in social media
Twitter feeds
Facebook posts
Online News 

though it pains me
I take a deep breath
turn around
I resign myself that I cannot stop the crazy
I cannot heal the hurt
I cannot fix everyone, or even anyone
I am only human
 and leave it to the One who can

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Challenge


On this Easter Sunday
I challenge everyone 
who celebrates Easter for its real reason 
to sit down and actually ponder the true sacrifice Jesus made for us. 
His death, while real and true and devastating was awful enough. 
But He separated Himself from the Father 
who He had never not been connected to 
to endure THE SIN OF THE WORLD... 
when we look upon ourselves and our lives 
we might think well, I'm not a bad person. 
Yes, I've lied, or cheated, or stolen ... whatever ... 
but I've never killed anyone ... 
Yet, He didn't die to JUST save the people with 'small sins'... 
He died for EVERYONE. 
Think of how that must have felt; 
the burden of all the horror of this world 
and completely disconnected from God.

Luke 23:34 
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Matthew 27:46 
About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, 
that is, 
It was at this moment that Jesus was completely disconnected from God 
and feeling the full weight of the world's sin ...
It is not fathomable what He was feeling
But I thank Him every day 
because three days later He ROSE, as He said He would...
And now I will never have to live a life separated or disconnected from Him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, That Wasn't Like I Thought! It was WORSE

I would like to be here
writing about yesterday 
and the wonderful experience I had 
talking to the administration 
about my potential position at the school next year

I would like to be here
writing about yesterday
and how Sassy got all +'s 
on her mid-third semester report card

or how I have decided 
to eliminate sugar from my coffee all together

or any other thing
besides how my dental appointment ((shiver)) went

To say it was an experience from hell
Would be an understatement
And so this was my experience from somewhere worse than hell

I arrived right on time at the dental office
I checked in
They took me back
Because I have a history of high blood pressure 
(which might I remind everyone I haven't been in over 4 years)
They have me on high blood pressure watch
Well, just the other day my blood pressure was 182/24
(*edit- oops, I meant 122/84 haha*)
Pretty normal for me
Yesterday they took my BP
And I was hypertensive
(my BP was astronomically high)
I explained that I was feeling extremely anxious
They put me on nitrous oxide
Ya know, to calm me down
It really only made me feel claustrophobic 
having that little nozzle over my nose
and the large vacuum tubes draped over my cheeks

But I breathed in deeply and tried to relax
They kept taking my BP
It dropped significantly
But not really enough for the dentist's liking
She told me to go see my doctor
so I could get on medicine
I wanted to tell her where she could shove that comment
Since my high BP was due to what she was going to do to my mouth
But I didn't say anything

They left me on nitrous
And put Q-tips in my mouth with topical numbing agent
I closed my eyes and tried to rest
My BP was taken thrice more 
and they finally decided to do the fillings on the right side
The dentist jabbed poked sliced into numbed me 
3 times in my upper gums 
3 times in my lower gums
2 times in my cheek
That is 8 times for 2 fillings
I felt each one
I cried
Tears literally slid down 
past the light refracting glasses they had put on me 
and puddled around the nitrous vacuum tubes on my cheeks
eventually running into my ears
The assistant kept asking me if I was ok
What was I going to say? 
No, but please keep going so we can get this over with

By now my mouth felt significantly numb
The dentist did the top molar filling first
I was content
I was numb (enough)
and that filling went fairly smoothly
Except for my mouth 
feeling like they were trying to pry my jaw apart 
like a snake with hinged jaws
(I have a small mouth)
or the fact that the dental assistant 
kept pinching the corner of my mouth with her watch
and that as she kept my tongue away from the dental work
it felt like she was trying to make it absorb into my lower teeth
So, all in all not the worst part of the experience
But I was ready to move on
Or so I thought 

She then moved down to the lower one
She started drilling
And as a sharp mind numbing pain shot through my tooth
And into my jaw
I jerked back
And she had the nerve to say to me
"Can you not move please,
"Just raise your hand if you're in pain."
I may have secretly wanted to bitch slap her right there
But did as she asked and when another shooting pain
that made me want to run screaming from the office
shot through my tooth
I raised my hand
"I don't think you're still numb," she said
And I may have wanted to spit in her face
"No effing shit Sherlock!"
So she brought in the anesthesiologist
By now I had to pee so badly I thought I might wet myself
So I asked if I could do that 
before they shot me up injected me again
She said she preferred to do the injections first
So she did
And I felt each one
Another in my gums 2 more in my cheeks
And I especially felt the one 
that hit the nerve between the jaw to the gums
So, just to keep us all up to speed
That is 12 injections for
count em

May I just say I may have become dehydrated
from the combo of nitrous and tears shed
I then went and peed 
Of course, after waiting ten minutes for the room to stop spinning
because they didn't think to allow the nitrous to wear off 
before they removed the mask and set me free
I had a good cry in the bathroom
Splashed cold water that I couldn't tell was cold on my mostly numb face
That had tube like indentations 
from my nose all the way down my cheeks 
from the nitrous vacuums

I then reluctantly returned to my chair
Where the dental assistant replaced my glasses 
and the nitrous vacuum
And the bite bar in my mouth
and back at it they went
and I.still.felt.everything
I cried some more
And may have moaned a little in agony

45 minutes later
after hearing
"We're almost done" about 10 times
And "wow, no wonder you were in pain. this is a big cavity." 
only after she was done torturing me
I was finally done

They wanted to schedule an appointment 
for the filling of the smaller cavities 
I have on the other side of my mouth
I politely declined
I said I would call them 
when I was ready to set up another appointment
and hightailed it out of there so fast
I wonder if they ever knew I was in the office

And now the inside of my mouth looks like this

Can you see the lovely bruising?!

And I feel like this

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jumping OUT of Spring Break

Today marks the end of our spring break
No more sleeping in every day
No more doing what we will when we will because we want to
No more relaxing in our jammies until dinner time - only to change into different jammies

Tomorrow school starts again
And as if getting up early
And preparing Sassy for her day
Feeding her
Making myself look presentable
Remembering her country report and Grecian doll
And getting her to school ... 
isn't enough
I have a ton-load of other things I HAVE to do tomorrow too
First, I am verse parent
All of the kids recite their Bible verses that they have studied for the week to me
I grade them
It's great fun for all
Except the poor kids whose parents forgot to study with them
Then I have to go talk to the Vice Principal 
about potentially teaching Spanish the following year
Then I have an hour or so to kill 
so I have to run to our local superstore to change out of my 'teacher' clothes 
and into something comfy
Because at 11:00 I have dental work to be done

I haven't had dental work done in over a decade
I am scared of needles in general
So naturally I am scared of the Novocaine shots
The drill
UGH, I can hear the high pitched whirring now
And the pain ... duh
I'm always afraid someone will 'miss' and hit a nerve
Because I like to think of the most horrible possibilities 
Just to torture myself
I am also scared my sensitive gag reflex 
will make me vomit as they're working in there
And I am scared that afterward I will have a headache 
. . . or even worse, a migraine
If I am up for it after I have a heart attack the stress of my dental appointment
I then need to go back to the school for Sassy's country presentation
Then get home 
and call the medical place in California 
about a reimbursement we are due
Make sure something is defrosting for dinner 
Because knowing myself, I will have forgotten to take something out
Foresight tells me to get up and do it now while I am thinking about it
Laziness says, 'but I'm in the middle of a blog post!'  
I can feel the cyber thump on my forehead
Yet, here I still sit
And there, in the freezer, still sits tomorrow's dinner

Oh yes, I almost forgot
I rejoined WW 
because both my mom and I need that accountability to each other and strangers
I'm still using SlimPlatesSystem in addition to counting points 
(And I still love the cutters best)
I am feeling renewed and rejeuvinated
Maybe mostly because the sun is out
And the weather is getting warm
The only thing I hate about warm weather in the Pacific Northwest

Ugly Creepy lookin suckers aren't they? Bleck!!!

They creep me out
Make me scream all kinds of crazy when they fly too close
Or I'm trying to get the kids in the car
and the kids aren't moving quickly enough
Other than that, I love Spring

Hopefully the Tulip Festival is in our near future
Today we went to see Rio 2

It was so cute
Well, except when 45 minutes into the movie the film shorted out
The lights turned on
And we had to wait 15-20 minutes for the film to restart
We also got pictures taken with the Easter Beagle Bunny
But my gramma hijacked those 
so I can't even post a blurry iPhone photo of a photo
Maybe next post

Now, I am off to sleep
Prayers that tomorrow's dental situation isn't extremely traumatic 
would be greatly appreciated

And keep your eye out if you're awake 
for that 'blood moon' we're supposed to see tonight

Monday, April 7, 2014

Did He Really Say That?

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Washington
But I'm still sniffling, snuffling, coughing, clearing my throat and generally hating life
Thankfully the full on optical migraine I had last night has left me
I literally fall to my knees in thanks to God when they go away
That is how badly I suffer through them
They are worse than child labor
They are paralyzing and make the days that I have them pure hell

So, the other day (Saturday)
We were going to celebrate my Uncle's 45th birthday 
by eating dinner at The Olive Garden
Now, where we live we have the 'good Olive garden'
and the 'crappy Olive Garden'
The good one is about 20 miles away
The crappy one is only 12 miles away

Being that the chairs at any Olive Garden restaurant usually have arms
And I fit
But uncomfortably
I was going to call ahead and ask to have a armless chair at our table
I spoke with a manager who we will just call Manager for the sake of understanding
And this was our conversation:

Me: Hi, my name is Kristen and my family and I will be having a birthday party at your restaurant around 5:30. Do you have a reservation for 13 under 'J' or 'E' ?

Manager: We don't take reservations

Me: Oh, ok well I was hoping that when we come to eat that whatever table we get I could get an armless chair at the table.

Manager: Today is Saturday and we expect at least a 2 hour wait if you arrive at 5:30.

Me: Ok. So, regardless of the wait can I get an armless chair?

Manager: Like I said it will be extremely busy and we have limited armless chairs so they will probably be occupied.

Me: But if they aren't, can you make sure one is at our table?
Manager: I can't make any promises.

Me: I see.

Manager: Is that all?

Me: Yes, and what was your name again?"

Manager: (told me his name)

Me: Thank you.


The entire conversation was in an entirely too sweet tone
Completely condescending and uninterested
Then there was no goodbye. 
No 'hope to see you at 5:30.' 
No, I'm sorry I can't be more helpful
No Nothing

So, I called my aunt to let her know that there may be a 2 hour wait
Which is when she let me know she had a similar conversation 
with one of the hostesses only days prior
It's as if they couldn't care less if they had our business
As if they're boasting their 2 hour wait
like they don't need or want any more customers
Or as if they need not provide good customer service to EVERYONE

We hung up and not 10 minutes later my uncle called me back
He apologized profusely for the managers ridiculous attitude 
(as if it were his fault - silly man)
And then told me they had made reservations at our local Chinese restaurant 
that we all love
I made sure that he was really sure about that
And he told me he wasn't going to give money to a company 
who made two of his family members feel so uncomfortable and unwelcome

I then called the Olive Garden back
And asked to speak with the general manager 
Who to my great satisfaction was actually speechless 
for several moments after I explained the situation
He even stuttered in frustration 
He said he couldn't even think of a word to describe that kind of behavior 
but it was certainly more than rude and uncalled for
He then offered to comp all 13 of us for the evening
I explained the choice of restaurant was not my decision 
and that my aunt and uncle had already chosen to eat elsewhere
He was extremely apologetic and told me he would send me a gift card

That was all great and everything 
but I did tell him that my intent in complaining was not to get a free visit
But to make sure the manager I spoke to before
(Who come to find out deals with ALL of the large parties that The Olive Garden hosts)
did not treat another customer the way he treated me
To make sure that even if something cannot be accomplished that the customer feels as though their request was taken seriously
and that measures were taken to try to accomplish it
He agreed and continued to apologize and promised he would speak to the manager
Now I don't know if he will
But when I receive that gift card 
you can bet we will be using it at 'the good Olive Garden'
Why put ourselves through undue torture at a restaurant
that repeatedly shows poor customer service?
and at times even poorly prepared food

On a SlimPlates note I am actually very relieved to announce
that the representative of the company who initially contacted me
contacted me again after reading my prior post 
the meal plans are not required to reap the benefits of the system
This makes my life much easier and after only using them for a few days
I am already feeling the good effects
My ankles have shrunk
My water retention has gone down significantly
Other than my cold I have more energy
And I don't feel hungry or overly full after I eat
I am definitely enjoying this system
I cannot say enough good stuff about the cutters

*Breezy squealed in 4 year old delight 
when I cut her turkey sandwich 
into 3 small circles using the muffin cutter

So my self  prepared meal plan looks kinda like this:

Emphasis on lean proteins like chicken and white fish and some cuts of beef
Emphasis on fresh uncooked vegetables and fruits
a bit lesser emphasis on cooked veggies but still consuming great quantities of these
Lesser emphasis on some healthy fats like olive oil, raw butter
and natural nut butters that don't contain added sugars
I am trying to avoid flours including wheat and white 
which means I am not eating bread, crackers, pasta, or any baked goods
I am eating oats, corn based products and processed fats 
(such as salad dressing) 
in severe moderation

And with all that in mind I am using the SlimPlatesSystem 
to make sure my portions stay in control
The one indulgence I do have each and every day is my coffee with cream and sugar
(24oz coffee with 1/4 cup of half and half and 2 TBSP raw sugar)
*I am trying to lower the amount of sugar and then eliminate it completely
Once upon a time I used to put over 12 Splenda 
(YES, TWELVE! Can you believe that... bleck!
in one 24oz cup of coffee
So, now that I am down to 2 TBSP of natural sugar
I consider that quite an improvement
Of course completely eliminating the sugar would be best
I'm working on that though

And I will leave you with some silly photos

Again, I feel just so pretty
Seriously, I cannot wait to feel better again

The girls are planting a fruit and veggie garden
Breezy is all too happy to show it off even though it is just in its beginning stages
While, as you can see from her cheery expression, 
Sassy didn't really want to be part of the garden photograph experience

Mr P and Miss Emms wondering just what it is we humans are doing outside
and why they can't come out too

Until later . . .

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sickies, Scrapbooking, Easter Program aaand SlimPlates

Oh Me, Oh My
I am sitting here feeling like I have glass in my throat
My nose is still stuffed to kingdom come
My teeth hurt
And my eyes feel about ready to pop outta my skull
Oh and my body decided THIS would be the ideal time to regulate after depo
And so suddenly I have my period too
My body hates me

I feel so pretty (cough choke cough)

But the truly cruel thing is feeling like THIS
AND listening to my baby feel the same way
It is one thing to feel like crap
It is a complete other thing to listen to your baby cough
and cry because it hurts her chest and head
and not be able to do ANYthing about it

So while she is resting, I am typing
I have a coffee that has turned cold
But I am hoping it helps with the throb in my face

Despite my seemingly chronic bouts with the feniminimus (cold?)
I have been quite busy
I pitched an idea to the school where Sassy goes
And next year (fingers crossed) I may be teaching Spanish!
In addition I have been scrapbooking my sister's scrapbook
for her and her boyfriend's first year together

All my scrap crap... haha

Sassy was in her school's Easter program

And I was offered a pretty cool weight loss system to try for free!

So, you know I am not a big pusher of products
The last one I even mentioned was the supplements of green tea and raspberry ketones 
and yada yada yada
And we all know how well that worked out
I felt like crapola each day I took them
So after that I put a hex on decided not to promote edible products
I do not like being a guinea pig
And I cannot be easily persuaded to promote things 
that are not 'my cup of tea' anymore after that
So when I was contacted to try a Slim Plates System 
I was skeptical
But being that there is nothing to ingest
No supplements, no diet foods, no trial mystery cure for fatness 
And because it is literally a series of plates, bowls, cups and cutters
(and who can't use more of those?)
I thought this actually looks pretty cool
I'll try it out

This is what I received

So basically there are four meal plates with different portions on each
one bagel/pancake/waffle etc plate
A soup/cereal bowl
A fruit bowl
A hot drink cup
A cold drink cup
And 4 food cutters for portion control
(score - I love these)
It came with a user guide
Online registration for further support for free

I have to admit I really really like the cutters already
Not only are they great for making correct portions (for me)
But they also work great for cutting crust off sandwiches 
(for me.. err, I mean for my kids)
But they really do help me eyeball how disproportionate my idea of 'a portion' has been 
when it comes to certain foods like Pancakes and things

So, I am going to be honest 
When I first received the plates
I didn't realize there would be an 'eating plan' to go along with them
I was under the impression 
that you could eat what you wanted 
using the portion control diagrams on the dishes

After further reading there are two options for meal plans 
that you can use to make the most of the system
I will be testing out the system over the course of a few months to see how well it works
What I like and what I don't
And of course, I will be posting all about it
Because that's what I do

If you want to try it out also the SlimPlatesSystem can be purchased
You can use coupon code MISCMOM to receive $5 off
Or you can try it risk free using the payment installment plan
*The coupon does not work for the installment plan

*I received no monetary compensation for this or any future posts 
that include the SlimPlatesSystem product. 
The compensation I did receive was the product itself 
to use for the sole purpose of its review.

On another unrelated note,
I took a Disney: How obsessed are you? quiz this morning  and this was the result. 
I believe it reflects me well

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