Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jumping OUT of Spring Break

Today marks the end of our spring break
No more sleeping in every day
No more doing what we will when we will because we want to
No more relaxing in our jammies until dinner time - only to change into different jammies

Tomorrow school starts again
And as if getting up early
And preparing Sassy for her day
Feeding her
Making myself look presentable
Remembering her country report and Grecian doll
And getting her to school ... 
isn't enough
I have a ton-load of other things I HAVE to do tomorrow too
First, I am verse parent
All of the kids recite their Bible verses that they have studied for the week to me
I grade them
It's great fun for all
Except the poor kids whose parents forgot to study with them
Then I have to go talk to the Vice Principal 
about potentially teaching Spanish the following year
Then I have an hour or so to kill 
so I have to run to our local superstore to change out of my 'teacher' clothes 
and into something comfy
Because at 11:00 I have dental work to be done

I haven't had dental work done in over a decade
I am scared of needles in general
So naturally I am scared of the Novocaine shots
The drill
UGH, I can hear the high pitched whirring now
And the pain ... duh
I'm always afraid someone will 'miss' and hit a nerve
Because I like to think of the most horrible possibilities 
Just to torture myself
I am also scared my sensitive gag reflex 
will make me vomit as they're working in there
And I am scared that afterward I will have a headache 
. . . or even worse, a migraine
If I am up for it after I have a heart attack the stress of my dental appointment
I then need to go back to the school for Sassy's country presentation
Then get home 
and call the medical place in California 
about a reimbursement we are due
Make sure something is defrosting for dinner 
Because knowing myself, I will have forgotten to take something out
Foresight tells me to get up and do it now while I am thinking about it
Laziness says, 'but I'm in the middle of a blog post!'  
I can feel the cyber thump on my forehead
Yet, here I still sit
And there, in the freezer, still sits tomorrow's dinner

Oh yes, I almost forgot
I rejoined WW 
because both my mom and I need that accountability to each other and strangers
I'm still using SlimPlatesSystem in addition to counting points 
(And I still love the cutters best)
I am feeling renewed and rejeuvinated
Maybe mostly because the sun is out
And the weather is getting warm
The only thing I hate about warm weather in the Pacific Northwest

Ugly Creepy lookin suckers aren't they? Bleck!!!

They creep me out
Make me scream all kinds of crazy when they fly too close
Or I'm trying to get the kids in the car
and the kids aren't moving quickly enough
Other than that, I love Spring

Hopefully the Tulip Festival is in our near future
Today we went to see Rio 2

It was so cute
Well, except when 45 minutes into the movie the film shorted out
The lights turned on
And we had to wait 15-20 minutes for the film to restart
We also got pictures taken with the Easter Beagle Bunny
But my gramma hijacked those 
so I can't even post a blurry iPhone photo of a photo
Maybe next post

Now, I am off to sleep
Prayers that tomorrow's dental situation isn't extremely traumatic 
would be greatly appreciated

And keep your eye out if you're awake 
for that 'blood moon' we're supposed to see tonight

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  1. Praying for the dental situation! Let me know how it goes!!!


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