Friday, April 4, 2014

Sickies, Scrapbooking, Easter Program aaand SlimPlates

Oh Me, Oh My
I am sitting here feeling like I have glass in my throat
My nose is still stuffed to kingdom come
My teeth hurt
And my eyes feel about ready to pop outta my skull
Oh and my body decided THIS would be the ideal time to regulate after depo
And so suddenly I have my period too
My body hates me

I feel so pretty (cough choke cough)

But the truly cruel thing is feeling like THIS
AND listening to my baby feel the same way
It is one thing to feel like crap
It is a complete other thing to listen to your baby cough
and cry because it hurts her chest and head
and not be able to do ANYthing about it

So while she is resting, I am typing
I have a coffee that has turned cold
But I am hoping it helps with the throb in my face

Despite my seemingly chronic bouts with the feniminimus (cold?)
I have been quite busy
I pitched an idea to the school where Sassy goes
And next year (fingers crossed) I may be teaching Spanish!
In addition I have been scrapbooking my sister's scrapbook
for her and her boyfriend's first year together

All my scrap crap... haha

Sassy was in her school's Easter program

And I was offered a pretty cool weight loss system to try for free!

So, you know I am not a big pusher of products
The last one I even mentioned was the supplements of green tea and raspberry ketones 
and yada yada yada
And we all know how well that worked out
I felt like crapola each day I took them
So after that I put a hex on decided not to promote edible products
I do not like being a guinea pig
And I cannot be easily persuaded to promote things 
that are not 'my cup of tea' anymore after that
So when I was contacted to try a Slim Plates System 
I was skeptical
But being that there is nothing to ingest
No supplements, no diet foods, no trial mystery cure for fatness 
And because it is literally a series of plates, bowls, cups and cutters
(and who can't use more of those?)
I thought this actually looks pretty cool
I'll try it out

This is what I received

So basically there are four meal plates with different portions on each
one bagel/pancake/waffle etc plate
A soup/cereal bowl
A fruit bowl
A hot drink cup
A cold drink cup
And 4 food cutters for portion control
(score - I love these)
It came with a user guide
Online registration for further support for free

I have to admit I really really like the cutters already
Not only are they great for making correct portions (for me)
But they also work great for cutting crust off sandwiches 
(for me.. err, I mean for my kids)
But they really do help me eyeball how disproportionate my idea of 'a portion' has been 
when it comes to certain foods like Pancakes and things

So, I am going to be honest 
When I first received the plates
I didn't realize there would be an 'eating plan' to go along with them
I was under the impression 
that you could eat what you wanted 
using the portion control diagrams on the dishes

After further reading there are two options for meal plans 
that you can use to make the most of the system
I will be testing out the system over the course of a few months to see how well it works
What I like and what I don't
And of course, I will be posting all about it
Because that's what I do

If you want to try it out also the SlimPlatesSystem can be purchased
You can use coupon code MISCMOM to receive $5 off
Or you can try it risk free using the payment installment plan
*The coupon does not work for the installment plan

*I received no monetary compensation for this or any future posts 
that include the SlimPlatesSystem product. 
The compensation I did receive was the product itself 
to use for the sole purpose of its review.

On another unrelated note,
I took a Disney: How obsessed are you? quiz this morning  and this was the result. 
I believe it reflects me well

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