Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, That Wasn't Like I Thought! It was WORSE

I would like to be here
writing about yesterday 
and the wonderful experience I had 
talking to the administration 
about my potential position at the school next year

I would like to be here
writing about yesterday
and how Sassy got all +'s 
on her mid-third semester report card

or how I have decided 
to eliminate sugar from my coffee all together

or any other thing
besides how my dental appointment ((shiver)) went

To say it was an experience from hell
Would be an understatement
And so this was my experience from somewhere worse than hell

I arrived right on time at the dental office
I checked in
They took me back
Because I have a history of high blood pressure 
(which might I remind everyone I haven't been in over 4 years)
They have me on high blood pressure watch
Well, just the other day my blood pressure was 182/24
(*edit- oops, I meant 122/84 haha*)
Pretty normal for me
Yesterday they took my BP
And I was hypertensive
(my BP was astronomically high)
I explained that I was feeling extremely anxious
They put me on nitrous oxide
Ya know, to calm me down
It really only made me feel claustrophobic 
having that little nozzle over my nose
and the large vacuum tubes draped over my cheeks

But I breathed in deeply and tried to relax
They kept taking my BP
It dropped significantly
But not really enough for the dentist's liking
She told me to go see my doctor
so I could get on medicine
I wanted to tell her where she could shove that comment
Since my high BP was due to what she was going to do to my mouth
But I didn't say anything

They left me on nitrous
And put Q-tips in my mouth with topical numbing agent
I closed my eyes and tried to rest
My BP was taken thrice more 
and they finally decided to do the fillings on the right side
The dentist jabbed poked sliced into numbed me 
3 times in my upper gums 
3 times in my lower gums
2 times in my cheek
That is 8 times for 2 fillings
I felt each one
I cried
Tears literally slid down 
past the light refracting glasses they had put on me 
and puddled around the nitrous vacuum tubes on my cheeks
eventually running into my ears
The assistant kept asking me if I was ok
What was I going to say? 
No, but please keep going so we can get this over with

By now my mouth felt significantly numb
The dentist did the top molar filling first
I was content
I was numb (enough)
and that filling went fairly smoothly
Except for my mouth 
feeling like they were trying to pry my jaw apart 
like a snake with hinged jaws
(I have a small mouth)
or the fact that the dental assistant 
kept pinching the corner of my mouth with her watch
and that as she kept my tongue away from the dental work
it felt like she was trying to make it absorb into my lower teeth
So, all in all not the worst part of the experience
But I was ready to move on
Or so I thought 

She then moved down to the lower one
She started drilling
And as a sharp mind numbing pain shot through my tooth
And into my jaw
I jerked back
And she had the nerve to say to me
"Can you not move please,
"Just raise your hand if you're in pain."
I may have secretly wanted to bitch slap her right there
But did as she asked and when another shooting pain
that made me want to run screaming from the office
shot through my tooth
I raised my hand
"I don't think you're still numb," she said
And I may have wanted to spit in her face
"No effing shit Sherlock!"
So she brought in the anesthesiologist
By now I had to pee so badly I thought I might wet myself
So I asked if I could do that 
before they shot me up injected me again
She said she preferred to do the injections first
So she did
And I felt each one
Another in my gums 2 more in my cheeks
And I especially felt the one 
that hit the nerve between the jaw to the gums
So, just to keep us all up to speed
That is 12 injections for
count em

May I just say I may have become dehydrated
from the combo of nitrous and tears shed
I then went and peed 
Of course, after waiting ten minutes for the room to stop spinning
because they didn't think to allow the nitrous to wear off 
before they removed the mask and set me free
I had a good cry in the bathroom
Splashed cold water that I couldn't tell was cold on my mostly numb face
That had tube like indentations 
from my nose all the way down my cheeks 
from the nitrous vacuums

I then reluctantly returned to my chair
Where the dental assistant replaced my glasses 
and the nitrous vacuum
And the bite bar in my mouth
and back at it they went
and I.still.felt.everything
I cried some more
And may have moaned a little in agony

45 minutes later
after hearing
"We're almost done" about 10 times
And "wow, no wonder you were in pain. this is a big cavity." 
only after she was done torturing me
I was finally done

They wanted to schedule an appointment 
for the filling of the smaller cavities 
I have on the other side of my mouth
I politely declined
I said I would call them 
when I was ready to set up another appointment
and hightailed it out of there so fast
I wonder if they ever knew I was in the office

And now the inside of my mouth looks like this

Can you see the lovely bruising?!

And I feel like this

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  1. YUCK! Bless your heart! hope your mouth gets to feeling back to normal real soon!!


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