Monday, June 16, 2014

Physical Agony

As I type I am sitting here
with compression socks on my feet
because my feet have decided to swell up to double their size
No amount of
water intake
minimizing salt
or even these damn compression socks
seem to help in decreasing the swelling
My skin is shiny and stretched to its limit
I can feel the fluid slosh from side to side when I walk
and I fear it has something to do with my kidneys
or my heart

In addition my nerve issue with my jaw is only staying status quo
I cannot touch anything cold to that side of my mouth
And on occasion, like now
I am rendered immobile and clench jawed
from the pain that radiates from the nerve in-between my upper and lower jaw
into my ear and down my neck
So, here I sit;
compression socks and a heating pad on my face on the highest heat
nearly scalding my cheek 
in the effort to ease the pain in my mouth
thinking bad bad thoughts about the dentist 
who gave me that fateful Novocaine injection
and praying my feet will stop swelling

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment
Hopefully this can be resolved
All of it
Prayers are welcome
and greatly appreciated

Until next time . . . 

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