Monday, June 30, 2014

This Whole Ankle Thing . . .

I have had these damned swollen ankles since June 6th
It is June 30th and they just.aren't.letting.up
Oh sure, at night after I sleep
They LOOK better 
But my right foot is still swooshing with water retention
I can feel it
And it is tight
And it burns
And it aches
And I am so done

My first trip to the doctor proved unsuccessful
When I was told to do what I have always done
Elevate feet as much as possible
Eat low sodium
Use the compression socks my grandpa let me use
If they help
Do some ankle/calf exercises etc etc etc


Next trip she took blood and urine
All normal
Well fudge it all
How can it all be normal if my feet still aren't?

I then went to an urgent care doctor 
who prescribed a full leg ultra sound for DVT (aka blood clots)
Went to that
They pressed the shizz outta my veins
and guess what?
Can you guess?
If you guessed that all my veins were
'so cute and compressed properly' 
Then you would be psychic
Knowing exactly what the ultrasound tech told me

So here I sit
My doctor called this morning to discuss it with me
At 7:55 am 
On summer vacation
ya know
So, I didn't get the call
Now I have to wait for 3-4pm 
when she said she will call back

I'm so tired of this

On another note
Living situations could be changing very soon
Craziness is upon the horizon!!!
Well, for everyone but the girls and me
But we will have new people living with us
So, that could be  . . . interesting
to say the least
We shall see how the days progress before I say any more

I do know I need to purge my apartment
Just throw it out

Until later . . . 
(unless I accidentally chuck my laptop of course)

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