Monday, June 16, 2014

Update on Doctor and Birthday News

I went to the doctor today
convinced that the swelling in my feet 
was caused by high blood pressure
after all when it was last checked at the dentist's office
it was about 164/112 - aka hypertensive
(for those that don't know 120/80 is average)
They weighed me 
and my water retention has caused me to gain 10lbs in 8 days
After, my blood pressure was taken
and I was waiting for the nurse to say 
with that 'you really need to do something about this tone'
your blood pressure is xxx/xx
instead she said, your blood pressure is 118/88
they generally put more emphasis on the first number apparently 
which is in normal range 
even though the lower number is considered 'pre-high blood pressure' range
So, my doctor says my blood pressure is NOT the cause of my water retention
Thank goodness
And uh oh at the same time
So she sent me for a blood panel
blood sugar
Heart Failure testing
Renal failure (kidneys) testing
cholesterol levels
hormone levels
and a few other things will be tested
I will know the results Wednesday or Thursday
((fingers crossed and prayers would be much appreciated))

On a different note my Sassy turned 6 this past Monday
Where has the time gone?
And soon Miss Breezy will be 5

We moved into my mom's house
When Sassy was 1.5
And Breezy was only 3 months old
We are eons away from the life we lived before here
And now they are going to be 5 and already turned 6
I am gobsmacked and so thankful every day
for the beautiful young ladies I am raising
And that God is gently teaching me patience and compassion
empathy and sympathy
through the loving hearts and open minds of my babies

A few throw backs
My Sassy in her first few months of life

 And BLINK -- she has turned into a beautiful 6 year old

Until next time ...

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  1. Oh man. I sure hope you get some answers, but I hope those answers aren't that any thing is severely wrong. Prayers for answers and comfort until then!


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