Friday, July 25, 2014

All Day Today

The day started at 10:20am
Sassy had been coughing from allergies
and so to keep her upright
the three of us slept on the pull out couch-bed

By 11:35am
We were dressed and brushing or teeth and hair
Getting ready to start the day

At 12:00pm we traveled to our local supermarket
Where we ate lunch and then proceeded to shop
for all Sassy's 1st grade school supplies

Afterward, around 1:00pm my mom met us 
and decided to take the girls shopping for socks
and to let Breezy pick out her birthday present
The girls did not want me to accompany them
So, I spent some me-time in the in-store Starbucks

By 2:30pm we were home 
Playing with the kitties

Around 3:10 I found myself reading a blog post 
that kinda took me off guard
I am interested in hearing what those of you who liked
and also those of you who disliked this book
think of this article of a man discrediting a book
when he hasn't even read it
*Yes, I have read all 3 and I love them*
albeit, they would have been better without the pornographic sex scenes -
and if more had been left to the imagination
Don't shoot me
{Click the picture to view the article}

Around 4:00pm I received a text from a sweet guy
who has a really bad back
and so we have been throwing each other pity parties
Me for his back
Him for my ankle
He really is so sweet

Dinner on Fridays is always at 5:30
And tonight we had homemade spaghetti
French bread
and salad

Plus homemade ice cream sundaes

Around 6:30 
dinner was finished and everyone was hanging out

Around 7:25 
Sassy was laughing so hard that she peed in her pants
So we had to walk home
to change

The women folk gabbed until 8:15 in the kitchen

While the men folk gabbed in the dining room

At 9:00 we walked the 100 foot walk home
and while the girls got in their jammies and ready for bed
I took a shower

At 10:00pm it was time for lights out
Sassy fell asleep almost immediately
But Breezy couldn't fall asleep
So, I let her watch her iPad

Now here it is
My day is done
I'm tired
I don't even have enough energy to take another photo
so, you get a gif

Because soon enough it will be ...



  1. *sigh* I'm not a 50 SOG fan, but I think the article is over the top. It isn't the first, nor the last, of the movies of this kind. And basically, he equated it to the end of societies morals. I call BS. So many things in the world that are more important to get worked up over.

    Looks like a good day to me! I should probably get up and get started with mine. LOL

  2. Aww, I used to love back to school shopping! And Starbucks - always a must!


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