Friday, July 4, 2014

Apparently I Crave Attention

Apparently I haven't blogged consistently in so long, I keep thinking of things to write about. And of course I am following a ton of new blogs and have found some awesome link-ups. How can I possibly resist them? So, I am linking up with Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre for her Every Friday Favorites Linkup.

My Favorite moment this week flows well with the topic of this post considering it was the one thing I remembered I hadn't posted about that was quite post-worthy.

Favorite Moment: 

Last Sunday I took the girls apartment hunting. After we had visited one apartment complex and had gotten in the car, the girls both declared they needed to use the restroom. Nearby is a local fast food place called Jack In The Box so we stopped there and hightailed it into the restroom. It wasn't the cleanest place in the world and something looked a bit off about the toilet but the other stall was occupied so I covered the seat and helped my girls do what they needed to do. By the time the whole hassle of them going potty was done I NEEDED TO GO so I repeated the process for myself and sat down.


My first thought was, 'Shit, I broke the toilet.' It wasn't like I sat down really hard or anything. I guess I thought that maybe my ample girth mixed with a loose public toilet seat might have been its undoing. So I finish my business and get up.

Breezy suddenly shrieks with wide eyes and points at the wall next to me.
"EEEW what is that?!?!"

Now, in the millisecond it took for my eyes to dart to where she was pointing and take in the sight my heartbeat had tripled, my blood pressure probably rose into hypertension and my mind just froze. What would I see when I met whatever she was pointing at. A spider? A snake? Another human? Never mind that I wouldn't have missed another human in the stall when we walked in. The thought passed through my head.

But what I saw wasn't scary, well not really anyway. It was gross!! There was red gelatinous fluid everywhere. The walls, inside the toilet, all around the toilet bowl and on the floor at the front of the toilet.

I quickly assessed myself. I wasn't in pain. I wasn't bleeding. So what the heck?

And then I saw a tiny triangular corner of a white packet sticking out from beneath the toilet seat and suddenly it all became clear. The funny way the toilet looked when we walked into the stall. The loud popping crack that made me think I broke the toilet and the red gunk EVERYWHERE.

Some genius had lined the underneath of the toilet lid with ketchup packets and when I had sat down with significantly more weight than my 45lbs daughters the pressure had EXPLODED the ketchup packets ALL AT ONCE.

I was simultaneously disgusted and amused as I helped my girls wash their hands and then my own and walked out to the counter to tell the manager what kind of mess she had to clean up in the girls' restroom. Her face was priceless and that coupled with the genius plan of some bored (albeit deranged?) teenage girl made me chuckle for the rest of the day.

Favorite Funnies:

These are just some random things I saw on social media or perusing Reddit or some such thing that I thought were funny during the week.

Yep - gonna leave you on that note


  1. Oh my gosh, that ketchup story is just ridiculous! I hate to admit it, but I laughed a little bit. I'm stopping by from Amanda's linkup. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  2. That bathroom story I am still cracking up! Wow someone had some serious time on the their hands! Thanks so much for linking up hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Oh girl, I'm dying laughing from this one! Between that ketchup story and the Jabba the Hut... Oh man, thanks for the laugh!


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