Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being a Social-Introvert-Foodie

Today was fun
and awkward
and disappointing

We went to our local 'health food store' 
That really isn't local
because it's like 30 minutes away
But we go there because their deli food and salad/soup bar is amazing
for lunch
And so we ate
Too much
Salad with cheese pesto tortellini and soup
Plus espresso chip ice cream
Then we bought all this Greek and Mediterranean yumminess

 I am not usually a fan of Falafel but I thought I'd try it
See if I changed my mind any when bought from a market
As opposed to made in a restaurant

Okay these aren't ethnic
They're just garlic stuffed olives
But they are 

Tzatziki is the mother of all spreads
It is delicious on pretty much anything
Except ice cream
Don't put it on ice cream

Like Greek salsa
With Pita 

One of my all time favorite dishes of my ethnicity
Filo dough
Goat cheese/feta
and spinach
Like heaven on a plate

I have become obsessed with these little suckers
on my Turkey sandwiches
Without giving me heartburn

The only dolmas I have ever eaten (and loved)
Were made by my great great aunt Bertha
She has long since passed away now though
And I haven't tried it since
I'm hoping it brings back good memories

So what is it?
If I go anywhere but the Latino Market for Coconut water or juice
It tastes like butt?? Ok, milk butt . . .
But at the Latino market it tastes like coconut heaven
Any ideas?

After our food experience 
I left Breezy with my gramma
and took Sassy to her ballet, Jazz, Tap fusion class
I got to know the mama of one of her classmates 
and we kinda hit it off
really well

The only problem?
I have social anxiety
social interaction
WTH is up with that?
I literally regressed to my all time number one comfort
I was panicky

Feeling out of control
Feeling, maybe, over stimulated
And so I ate
To handle my feelings
I feel like crapola now

I feel better emotionally
But my gut and my ankle are literally cursing me out in unison

I'm going to go wallow in my annoyance with myself
And read your blogs to try to take my mind off of it
Tomorrow is another day

Onward . . .

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