Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog - Please Excuse My Language

I am Kristen
Also known as the Miscellaneous Mom
And I am a blog-a-holic

When I am not
Laughing with
Laughing at
Playing with
or just being astounded by 
my children

I am at my computer
Reading blogs
Writing blogs
Reading more blogs to inspire me
To write more blogs {posts}

These days I find all my most cherished reading material
Through blog hops and link ups
Oh wait, that was a different post . . . 

So, I have been wracking my brains
Which ones are my favorite?
I mean, who could really choose?
There are just so many!
{Don't roll your eyes at me, there really are way too many to pick 3}

But I did it!
I begrudgingly picked 3 of my favorite go-to blogs
*with 3 runners up*
No, that is NOT cheating

This blog feeds my soul
It is like going home where you know open arms will be waiting
I read Lyn's posts and I can just feel God's warmth radiating from her life
I go to this blog when I am feeling disconnected from God
I go to this blog when I need to feel close to other's who share my beliefs
I go to this blog to remember that He does miracles every day
Not just thousands of years ago
He is here
For me

I love this girl
A mom
A wife
She is real
She is relatable
She doesn't sugar coat life
She tells it like it is, even when it's ugly
And she let's you know when things get better too
She has been a part of my personal blogging journey for a long time 
And I truly appreciate her friendship

I have been reading her blog for-ever
I love how inspirational she is
I love how motivating she can be to her readers
I love that even though she is a 'popular blogger'
She takes time out to respond to the peasants me
Each and every time I have contacted her
She is humble
She is genuine
And I aspire to be more like her

*Runners Up*



  1. Dawww... thanks! I feel like my blog is boring lately, but at the same time, that's life! But thanks for ranking me. I'd have been happy to be a runner up! ;)

  2. can we share Damon. I got to get back into Vampire Diaries but after I'm done with 90210


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