Thursday, July 24, 2014

Body Talk - Week 1 Day 4

I spent a lot of time this morning
Thinking about this topic
Throughout the rest of my blog I have beat this topic to death
I am the epitome of negative body talk

But to change things up I am going to tell you what IS good about my body
Because on the regular I am all too willing to say what it is lacking
What is wrong with it
What hurts
What doesn't look right

From head to toe


// that I have long thick hair. I am always complimented on it. People ask to touch it. They ask how I make it look the way I do and it makes me feel really good about myself

// my eyes. My eyes are brown but light brown (red or golden brown some have said) and pretty big. They make me feel like my face is always proportionate even when I am at my heaviest

// my nose. I have my dad's nose.

// my freckles. I often say I hate my freckles or that I don't remember that they're there. But as I get older my freckles make me feel younger.

// my lips. I love their shape and how full they are. I love kissing with them.

// my hands. They are nimble and flexible and allow me to type 80+ wpm and write for extended periods of time without getting writers cramp

// my collar bones. No matter my weight, they peek out at me, reminding they're in there which makes me feel healthier and not so 'poofy'

// my arms. Even though I am not proud of how they look. I am proud of the muscle underneath. My arms are strong. I can carry my 45lb and my 50lb child on each hip comfortably.

and speaking of

// my hips. They may be extraordinarily large but when combined with a smaller waist they make the perfect perches for my little monkeys. While other kids are constantly slipping off their moms, mine sit quite comfortably without much support (unless I am carrying both of them and then see above)

// my thighs. Like my arms they are nothing pretty to look at but underneath the visual are some seriously strong muscles. Hello squats. They help me carry heavy loads (ie kiddos) and they allow me to move extraordinarily heavy things such as our refrigerator when my arms weren't doing the trick. My couch. Just lean on a wall and push with my legs. In high school I could press 750lbs and I was very proud of that.

// my feet. I like that I have average to small feet. It makes me feel feminine.

//my skin. I have always had good skin with probably a total of 10 pimples/blackheads in my entire lifetime.

//my height. I enjoy being average to short. It makes me feel less behemoth, more feminine. It also gives me a good reason to get the cute guys that work at the supermarkets to get me stuff off the highest shelf.

and lastly,

// my personality. Though I am constantly second guessing my sarcasm, my humor, my wit, my silliness and my weirdness when around people I don't know . . . I really do love those things about myself. I am just a quirky, goofy, lover of God and life and I think it is only with His power that I was able to write so much I actually like about myself.

Onward :)

Mr. Thomas & Me


  1. This is so beautiful to read because, well, you're beautiful! There's something about great hair and freckles that I have always appreciated... Maybe it's because I don't have freckles and that my hair is a wild thick nest full of mad personality! :) Your love for yourself encourages me to love myself a little bit more. :)

  2. You are a beautiful! People are right! Your hair is amazing and I am totally jealous!!


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