Monday, July 7, 2014

Clap Along if You Know What Happiness is to You


Happy by Pharrel Williams on Grooveshark

I am generally a 'happy' person. My girls are the biggest happy motivator in my life. That goes without saying but there are certain things in life that make me just a tad more happy than normal.

Disney Movies Make Me Smile
I own almost all of the animated Disney movies and some of the theatrical versions
I could watch THEM ALL over and over and over again
I am slightly obsessed
Just FYI
Adult Milk Shakes Make Me Smile
I recently had my first Bailey's Malt and OMG - where has that been all my life??
I am not a drinker but that shizz was DE-LISH

Reading and Writing Books Makes Me Smile
I love to read a good book that keeps me enthralled for hours 
Where I lose track of time
I look up at 1:00 
and the next time I look up I swear it had been only a few minutes 
but it's like 7:00
That is the sign of an incredible book
I do the same thing with writing
Dialogue, detailed descriptions, romance, mystery, intrigue, action

Yes, this is a shameless plug

Good Music Makes Me Smile
When a good song comes on that makes you FEEL SOMETHING
Whether it be HAPPY
or melancholy
or pensive
If it makes you FEEL
Then in my book it is GOOD music

Taking Beautiful Photos Makes Me Smile
I am an a novice photographer/editor 
But I love it still the same
Using light and shadows and filters
This makes me extremely giddy

Pretty Flip Flops Make Me Smile
There is nothing better than the feeling of sliding your feet into some pretty flip flops
It is freeing -almost like being barefoot-
and yet you still feel stylish and pretty-fied

I shamelessly profess to be the biggest Disneyland FREAK
I would rent out a space in that theme park
and live there for the remainder of my days if they allowed it
(Disney Chairmen, if you are reading this ... make me your guinea pig!)

Cheesy Reality Show Romances Make Me Smile
(aka the Bachelorette or Bachelor)

My Kitties Make Me Smile
Mr. Pierce and Emma are like my 3rd and 4th kids
I love them within an inch of their 9 lives and would do anything to make sure they continue to have a safe home and never have to go back to the humane society ever again

And My Faith Makes Me Smile 
My faith is the ONLY thing in my life that gives me hope
That keeps me going
Without Faith what is there?



  1. Oh wow that Bailey's Malt looks fantastic - I will definitely have to try that soon!

    Found you through the linkup :)

  2. I love Disney Movies and Adult Milkshakes! I should combine the two :) Those photos are beautiful! And your girls? Adorable!


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