Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Confessions II

Who doesn't like to read about all the things everyone is thinking 
but are too polite or kind or friggin' PC to say? 
Well, around here we leave political correctness at the door
Even when it isn't confession time
Seriously people have gotten so carried away with being 'PC'

So, I'll start with that

I confess that I would rather be titled a hater or a racist or a bigot or even an idiot than titled 'politically correct'. There is being polite. There is being tactful. There is not intentionally going out of your way to offend people . . . and then their is just being downright ridiculous. 
Just as an example: I cannot believe in my childrens' generation they probably won't be able to play sports or dance competitively because 'everyone is a winner' and if the 'losers' don't get medals and awards too they'll 'feel bad'. 

I confess that I am getting tired of listening to my 6 year old whine and moan about everything little thing. Hair out of place? Whine fest. Won't let her do something? Whine fest because I never let her do anything. Ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. Whine fest because she always has to do everything. Ask her to get dressed. Whine fest because she wants me to help her. Ask her to brush her teeth. Whine fest because she doesn't like the taste of the toothpaste. Tell her to go play. Whine fest because she doesn't know what to play with. First world problems people. I tell ya!

I confess that I often have impure thoughts about him.

Lucky Nina Dobrev

And him.
No, I don't care that he's gay

And him. 

I confess that I also have a bit of a girl crush on Jenna Marbles. As if you hadn't noticed, right? Considering I use her .gifs in all my posts. I think she is hilarious.

I confess that I feel like I am walking around in a glass house after what went down the other night with my mom. 

I confess that sometimes my foot/ankle hurts so badly I wonder if it wouldn't hurt less to just cut it off.

I confess that I often fantasize about losing all my weight and then going to my ex husband's place of work just to show off my body. Yeah, I can't believe I just wrote that either. No worries. It will probably never become a reality because, well, first I'd have to lose all this damn weight.

Oh Wait, Not Really
I still look like this

I confess that sometimes when I am feeling particularly lazy I drive my car next door to my grandparents' house or 8 houses down to my aunt and uncle's house. Don't.Judge.Me.

I confess that I would rather have hundreds of IV drips placed all over my body than ever.ever.ever. go to the dentist again

I confess that can't wait for summer to be over so that both my girls' and I have productive things to do every day.

Vodka and Soda


  1. Gma Crawley is my absolute FAVVVEEE character. She's so proper and snarky and perfect.

  2. um yes to kids these days. losers do not get medals! seriously, wtf. also i freaking hate the dentist, so stupid. i dont go, i have bad teeth, they get worse, the dentist could fix them but i wont go. stupid cycle.

    1. Right?!?! I don't have bad teeth. I just thought, oh hey I'll be proactive and have a small cavity filled (I have had 3 in my life!!) and then they went and effed em up for me. Seriously! I now have nerve damage in my jaw! I hate the dentist with a capital flippin' H. :D

  3. I am suspicious of anyone woman who can't have impure thoughts of Ian! ;)

  4. So I got corrected when I told my class to sit indian style...apparently its criss cross apple sauce WTF?
    I have a girl crush on her and Emma Stone!
    Lol I purposely get all decked out when I go to my ex's job to drop the kids off or whatver since Ive lost 90lbs hahahaha

    1. Now we can't call it Indian style . . . what happens next year when I am teaching Spanish and I sing Una little dos little tres little indians??? Jeez!!!! This shizz is getting ridiculous.
      Congrats on the 90lbs lost! That's amazing!!

  5. i thought he dumped that slut nina dobrev?

    and i hear you on the whining all the live long day. my daughter starts down that path but i immediately stop her and legit tell her: whining will get you nothing. speaking properly and then we can talk. ain't nobody got time for whining!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I read they are back together ... ((shrug))

      I can legit tell mine till I'm blue in the face and they dgaf . . .haha

  6. I hear you on being politically correct, that gif and someecard under that confession are great! Kids are so good at whining :) My son has days like that pretty often.

  7. Who's the last good looking guy on the beach? Dont tell me that's the dude that's the porn star b/c if so in that pic he actually looks good. and yea the one thats gay. Gay or not he's hot. and dont get me started on politics and such. LOL


    1. His name is William Levy. He is a Spanish soap opera star.


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