Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Confessions III & Wishes I


// I am annoyed that yesterday Sassy told me she wished she lived with her dad

// I confess that the annoyance was neutralized when she found out I wouldn't be living with him too and therefore she no longer wanted to live with him

// I hurt in places that shouldn't hurt because of the exercise I have been doing this week
Hello squats, pushups, calf raises, reverse flys, and yoga

// When a guy who has asked me out over and over again and who I have rejected keeps telling me how beautiful I look, I am tempted to say, "I know."

// that I would never actually say, "I know," because I am not that vain. Ok, maybe I am but I don't have to flaunt my vanity.

// that I was a bit floored by a comment I recently got on a post I wrote more than a year ago about how I have no right to talk about 'The Lamest Generation' because I am part of 'The Lamest Generation' and that 'I am the problem' . . . hmmm

// that I never realized how much fun it is to watch other parents interact with their kids and realize how very novice we all are at the whole thing---until yesterday when I took my girls to an indoor play park **more on that experience and my people watching observations coming soon **

// when I smell something bad I always do a subtle pit and finger sniff
(because when you have kids you just don't know what you may have touched without your knowledge) and then a turn of the head to look behind me as I'm walking, ya know, just to make sure nothing is wafting off of me.
Nothing worse than BO trailing behind you
**Funny thing is, I have been told by many that they have NEVER smelled BO on me**

// I still really only do these confessions so I can stare at Ian's face while I type

Vodka and Soda


// bloggy friends didn't disappear out of the blue

// that the change in weather didn't affect Sassy so adversely
**she has been coughing and sneezing and acting sick since it started raining**

// that I could find a really good paying job that would allow me to seek independence from my family

// that my teeth didn't hurt because I am scared as hell to go back to any dentist for fillings and cleanings after the last dentist damaged the nerve in my jaw

// I had a treadmill in my room
**I shall be investigating Craigslist for inexpensive ones soon**

// that it were socially acceptable to wear a had with cup holders that fed me infinite amounts of coffee throughout the day

// that I could live at Disneyland

Love the Here and Now


  1. Thanks for linking up! Loved the gifs...had me laughing! And wow, I did pause and stare a bit longer at Ian. Thanks for the eye candy. My daughter has had some asthma issues lately with the weather changes too in the Northeast. It's never fun to see them suffer.

  2. Coffee hat is a great idea! :) I would have that little straw in my mouth all day long sucking on some nonfat caramel lattes! And ugh...I want a treadmill so so so bad! Gotta wait till I move into a bigger apartment - but someday. Keepin' the dreams alive. :)

  3. I was really scared to go back to the Dentist too, but pain finally won that battle! I'm glad I went now. All those exercises at a time? You go girl!

  4. lol when a guy asks you out over and over again it gets super awks - how do you get your message across lol


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