Sunday, July 13, 2014

Convictions & the One Thing I Can't Live Without

Just today as I was sitting in church
Our pastor was talking about idolatry and vices
He very clearly described what most Americans think of as idols

And was very quick to say that these statues are not at all what Americans are idolizing
Instead and without noticing we idolize things that we don't even realize can become idols
Food for one
I am guilty of idolizing food
Making it more important than anything
Thinking that it can comfort me when nothing else can
And that is wrong
When you put your need for these over your need for God they become idols

How many Christian people do you know 
that complain about financial issues without praying about their difficulties
How many Christian people do you know who give into temptation of the flesh
and later regret it
And how many Christian people do you know who when they are feeling depressed
or sad
or angry
or vengeful
go out and buy something or many somethings
Because they think this will make them feel better
Don't get me wrong
I am not judging
I am no one to judge
In fact I am guilty of all these things
And I am feeling quite convicted about them

I have been a part of a blog hop/link up for several days now
The blogging every day in July link up
I have loved every prompt
I have found great creativity and inspiration in writing 
through the blogs I have found
But this particular day
Has made me think the hardest
I try to be real here on my blog
I don't want to be the girl who sugar coats everything
I also don't want to be the girl who is always writing depressing posts
And I certainly don't want to be one of those train wreck blogs
Come on, we all know which ones they are
And I have definitely been accused of being one of them before
So I strive to write what I think
What I think I know
And about my experiences
In my experience, for the first 20 years of my life
All problems were solved with materialistic things
But starting with when I lost my first baby
I learned a very hard lesson
Not all life's problems can be solved that way
I will admit that my first instinct when reading that question
Was to go through every material thing I own in order of value
My phone?
Yeah, I love having one but I could technically live without it
My computer?
Same as above
My car?
Public transportation sucks but I could get by
My jewlery?
I could definitely live without it
As long as I had another means of getting food, water and clothing I would be ok
My bed?
It is a staple of a first world country and a luxury of a third world country
But surely if necessary I could live without it
My photo albums? All those memories?
And this is where my mind stopped
And I saw my family inside those photographs
The memories that had been created
And in that moment I realized that a house fire 
or a wayward burglar 
could easily rid me of those precious albums 
And certainly, though I would be very sad
I could live without them

It may sound cheesy
It may sound preachy
It may sound false
It may sound ridiculous 
especially to the non-religious

I cannot live without God

I could forgo every materialistic possession I own
And with God, I would never be lacking
I will never be lacking
As long as I can remember to turn away from my idols
And look to God
I will never be lacking

Happy Sunday


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  1. We are all guilty of these I'm sure. but we should pray more. I'm trying my best to pray more. Even for inner healing b/c I definitely need it due to my medical condition


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