Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dude, It's an Injury!!

I am feeling like this tonight
For many reasons
But mostly because this always happens to me
I am always diagnosed with a zillion and a half things 
before they find what is ACTUALLY wrong with me

To recap this stupid foot issue I have been having
It swelled up like the Michelin Man's ankle on June 6th 
for no apparent reason
I thought I might have high blood pressure
I don't
I have been on a low calorie, low sodium diet
Since then 
--- Mostly 
--- Ok, Ok, on and off
Low sodium and extra hydration doesn't work
Go back to the doctor
Blood work taken
No issues
All looks perfecto!
Swelling persists
I go to another doctor
He refers me to have an ultrasound to determine if I have any blood clots
I don't
I have clean and clear 'cute little veins'
I go back to the doctor today
She manipulated my foot


And she determines because of the localized pain
And the swelling mostly on one side



So, they sent me for x-rays
I should get the results of those tomorrow
I am being referred to a podiatrist
I like him
He did surgery on my foot in September 2012
Fun Times Yo!
But the time it takes to get in to see him is 2-3 weeks


Meanwhile I am to do any jarring exercises like running
As if I would ever run
Or even walking for long distances
Ok, that kinda sucks
I like to walk
She suggested I swim or do the stationary bike or the elliptical
Yeah, that'd be nice if I had any of those available to me
And I get to wear a really fun
brace as often as I can handle it
It's gel and super stylish
I'll spare you a photo so you don't get jealous

Tomorrow's Friday!!

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